Monday, October 30, 2006

Proof I Had Brown Eyes

Here's proof that I once had brown eyes (I think - I mean they could be red?).

This photo was taken by my mum at my 28th birthday.

Oh ok, I'm lying... it was taken on my 27th.


But notice how my eyes are brown?

(I like that funky top!)

Well, what I want to know is where did all that green stuff start creeping into my eyes??

Can eyes change colour during a lifetime? I'm not going to turn blue by the time I hit 50 am I?


Or maybe these baby photos around my folk's place aren't of me!!

Maybe I was adopted!!!!

Maybe I'm the long lost heir to the throne of some country far far away, or an heir to some rich family!!!!

Mmmm, I suppose that's just wishful thinking.

If I look around at other photos dotting this house I can see my brown eye evolution.

Oh well.

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