Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh The Pain

Pain, pain, pain.

That's pretty much the only memory I have over what happened during the last couple of days, all starting on Friday.

My first painful experience came Friday afternoon.

My mate Chris and I went and saw the latest flick The Departed. The movie was alright, although I could feel every minute of its near 3 long hours of play time, but just when things were beginning to get interesting (about 10 minutes before the movie's end) Chris gets a call and we have to leave to go pick up his car before the mechanic shuts up shop!


I didn't get to see the end, although I had a rough guess at what likely happened.

My second painful experience came Friday night with the small gathering of close friends and family to my 29th birthday doo at the Stringy Bark restaurant.

The pain felt at this place was purely self-inflicted... somebody ordered an 800g steak!

I nearly had to be rolled out the door when I had finished!

But the most painful part to the weekend was the Masters Games.

My first event that morning was Ten Pin Bowling.

If there's one game I completely suck at it's this, and what made the morning worse was that my partner had to pull out from the event due to work commitments. I therefore had to play 4 games!

I knew that if I bowled 4 games I was going to have one sore right arm and thumb, so I decided to even it up and bowl left arm, and maybe a few with both hands... and maybe a few between the legs... and a couple more from around the back... oh and don't forget to do it back-to-front... and maybe throwing a couple with a lighter ball... and how about kicking a few down... or using two balls at once... or doing an Austin Powers dance hoping that my mojo would see all the pins faint... or putting on heaps of Lynx deoderant hoping that would knock 'em down... or... bowling fast... or... bowling slow... etc etc...

Yep, I did pretty much all of the above, and out of 40 rounds I only got 2 strikes! I think my highest game score was 78. The average of my opponents was around 150. They were twice my score, and twice to three times my age!

But all wasn't lost. If points were awarded to quantity of laughs, quantity of spectators, fastest bowling speed (at 39.3km/hr - it went so fast it nearly looped out of the gutter into the next lane!!), and creativity I'm sure I would've won.

Alas, it wasn't to be, so I quickly slipped out of my bowling slippers and sped off to the next event...

Mixed volleyball.

Unfortunately we had a little trouble with the mixed part of mixed volleyball - we only had one woman, and the rules stipulated that we needed at least two women on the court at all times.

I was prepared to put on some makeup, a skirt and a sports bra for the team, however, that option was quickly shot down when after informing the official of our predicament he instructed us to play with only 5 on the court instead of 6.

I felt sorry for the poor woman on our team who had to play 6 consecutive games without a rest. She was a trooper.

By the end of the event we won a couple, but lost the other 4.

My last event was basketball.

Out of all the events I played today this was the one I was looking forward to most. I hadn't played in ages, and I was suiting up with guys I had never played against nor played with before.

While I displayed some moves that would've impressed even my younger glory days there were some moves that were much to be desired.

Unfortunately though as the day wore on so did my body. Each game was high intensity, and it made it all the more difficult when we had a 20 minute break between our 3rd and final game - I was as stiff as a board.

We didn't get to enjoy winning a game, but I did enjoy playing.

By the end of the day our church ended up finishing 8th (out of 12!) - I was glad we didn't get the wooden spoon!

And it wasn't until Sunday morning when I woke up that I felt like I had been hit by a truck! Every muscle in my body (and there's LOT of them! ;op~) was screaming.

Even during church service the worship leader instructed everyone to take a seat while the pastor brought out the announcements...

"Aaaaa..." I screamed as I tried to sit down "...aaaa..." my hands began to shake as I gripped the pew for better leverage at getting myself to sit "...aaaAaaa..." by now the entire congregation had turned to see just what animal was making all that noise.



I'd landed.

After the pastor had given a few short announcements the worship leader instructed everyone to stand for the land hymn before today's message.

Oh no.

Everybody stood.

"HahAhAHaaaaa..." I was trying to stand up but at the same time the strange sensation felt through my legs was almost ticklish, I didn't know whether to laugh or scream! "...hahaaaaha..." the piano began playing to drone out my noise "... Ha... llelujah!"

I was up!

The pain brought back memories of the days when I first began using the squat machine at the gym. For those that have done squats you know what pain I'm talking about - you take about 30 minutes just trying to get onto the toilet seat after a heavy squat workout!!

So yes, have sympathy for me people.

I'm in pain... and yes, even today, although it wasn't as bad as yesterday. So don't laugh while I'm squirming away.

And I suppose after all this it leaves you asking only one question...

Would I be willing to do this all over again at next year's games?

For sure.

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