Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Men: Women Are Kryptonite If You Play Sport - Watch Out!

Tonight I've been invited to a Wildcats game by Jon-Jon and his wife after they were able to secure some free tickets last week.

It's been ages since I've been to a basketball game - especially a Perth Wildcats one, in fact it's been so long that my last game was when Ricky Grace and Andrew Vlahov used to play (probably some 3-5 years ago)!

As Jon-Jon asked me if I wanted to go during the weekend we talked about our basketballing days as we had met on a basketball court some 12 years. Interestingly our conversation moved onto the topic of women and basketball and how there was a strange correlation between how well we performed to how involved we were with a woman.

The more I was single, the better I played. Conversely, the more I was involved with a woman, the worse I played.

It's true: Women are kryptonite!

But, it's no fault of the woman though and I'm sure the same thing can be said about men from women who play sport.

So why does this happen?

Well, when you're single you have more time to yourself. You train, you exercise, you practice more (etc etc), but when you're partnered with someone that same time spent honing your skills is now spent with that special someone.

Which brings me to an interesting *short* relationship I had with a woman. She never noticed me during my normal basketballing days. It wasn't until I trained and trained and gained notoreity by playing better that she began to take somewhat of a liking towards me.

I decided to take that small bit of interest and see if I could build it up.

However, after finding out more about her and her superficial ways I quickly backed out.

After our break we paid no more attention to each other than what we had before, but it wasn't until later that same year when all the effort I had put in to improve my game paid off with a grand final win that with all the awards and notoreity I received my interest from her increased exponentially!

But all she got was a polite...

"No thank you."

It made me think about it a little, and I came to the conclusion that if you're interested in someone because of what they've achieved you need to take into consideration two possibilities that may happen if you get together:
1. They will no longer be as good as they are now as their training time will be spent with you, or,
2. They will improve, but will only slot you in when it doesn't interefere with their training time.

I soon came to the realisation that while exercising is an essential part of staying healthy playing sport competitively is just a waste of time and energy: playing for fun was much more memorable and enjoyable.

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