Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Masters Games '06

I'm a little too old to participate in the SportsFest games now, however, I've now made the age to participate in the older version of those games with the Masters Games.

Similar in style to SportsFest, the Masters Games is run by the Church of Christ groups and involves people from 28 years and over.

As I've never been 28 years old before this will be my first time.

Events that I've enrolled for are:
  • In the morning: Ten Pin Bowling - I would've preferred tennis, however, I'd have to find a chic to partner with from my church who was over 28 and similarly wanted to play it... I had no such luck. And if there's one event that I totally suck at it's ten pin bowling. Even if I have the rails up I still only score around 100!

  • Lunch: Volleyball - we needed two women for this and according to some of the other guys in the team they were able to convince their wives to play.

  • Afternoon: Basketball - haven't played it in ages, used to play it all the time - will be interesting to see how I go.

The event will be on in two weeks - 14th October at the Warwick Rec Center - a couple of days after my 29th birthday! Yay!

Hopefully to all those involved we have some good fun.

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