Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's Show Time

When I was a child my father used to always obtain free tickets to Perth Royal Show and this year he was able to secure a hundred or so and a couple of those tickets fell my way.

I remember the years when each of us kids were given a "budget" and we had to allocate what we wanted to do with our money on either rides or show bags.

And, being smart, we spent pretty much 100% of our budget on buying show bags.

Years ago $20 could have bought you so many show bags that you'd never have enough time devouring all the junk food inside before it went off, but now $20 *just* gets you through the door!

Unfortunately though nothing really tickled my fancy at the show this year. As Chris and I wandered through the showgrounds we were heckled by the usual suspects of salespeople in the pavilion pushing some new invention that had probably already been out in the States for years, or salespeople at the games side taunting us to shoot a ball through a 12ft high hoop (no thanks... but I do know where I'd love to shove that ball though!).


Going to the show isn't like going to the movies. When you go to the cinema you're in expectation of seeing something new (provided you haven't seen the movie before), unfortunately at the royal show it's the same ol' crap... just more expensive every year!

When Chris and I ate our stuffed spud for dinner we reflected back on the best times spent at the show... and oddly enough we both enjoyed the year when we took two Canadian chics.

As the royal show was a new experience for these ladies they made what was once mundane and boring to me lively and exciting to them and we all shared in their enthusiasm.

Which got me thinking...

Next time I go to the show I'm taking some foreigners! I'll be their tour guide, and they can be my troop.

After spending several hours at the show we both caught an early train ride home. For the first time EVER I left the royal show without purchasing one show bag.

Maybe it's the end of an era.


mandy said...

Royal show? Sounds interesting and fun. We don't have anything of the like here in the states so it would definitely be fun for an american to experience:)

Ryan said...

Just make sure you bring Baxter though Mandy.

We'll put him in all the doggie competitions... although... maybe it wont be fair to the other contestants if we did as he might win everything!