Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Birds And The Bees

If there's one thing I find annoying when cycling about this time of year (spring)... it's the birds and the bees.

And yes I mean that term in its literal sense, rather than its allegorical sense, but I thought I'd use the term for a play on words.

Lately though there seems to be a high number of kamikaze pigeons on my route. And as much as I try to berth around these stupid creatures they still seem to find some way to fly right in front of me!

Maybe the pigeon's are playing chicken or something trying to impress the females? Tsk.

Then there's the bees.

With all the flowers out bees have been busy.

Which reminds me of Bill. He went riding the other day and got a bee caught under his sunglasses! What made it worse was that the bee stung him and his face puffed up so bad that he looked like Muffin man! He was thankful it didn't sting his eye!!

Probably the biggest concern I have is swallowing a bee. Or having one caught at the back of my throat... as I've had the pleasure of many flies doing so. The problem with a bee would be its sting! Can you imagine getting one caught at the back of your throat and it sting causing you to not get air!!!


Sounds like an episode for House.

Thank God for being able to breathe through my nostrils. I might have to wear a mask next ride.


FJ said...

LOL Ryan.

Yes, I must say the feeling of a "fly in the throat" is not one I enjoy all that much.


As much as I like House, I really don't think I'd enjoy him treating me all that much either... I'd most likely end up dead or something!


Ryan said...

Nothing like a bit of protein, hey FJ?

And yeah, I don't think I'd ever want to be on House's operating table either.