Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Brother's Wedding

As some of you know my brother married yesterday.

Yep, I now have two sisters.

Things were a little frantic with final preparations, as most weddings usually have, but everything on the day ran quite smoothly.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and while many photos were taken by the photographer (who was really good BTW - I can highly recommend him, although I haven't seen his photos yet!?) so here are some of the photos I took...

This photo is a little deceptive, but it's the calm before the storm. The groom and his merry men all dressed at my folk's place (seen above) and as you can see things were quite normal. Before this though I had to pick my brother up from the Duxton Hotel at 8:30am where they were going to stay for the next couple of nights before embarking on their honeymoon down south at Margaret River.

There were a couple of minor episodes that showed the wedding was hindering his ability to think straight, such things as forgetting his wallet, and not knowing where to park (etc). I put this hear to remind myself that if I ever wed I want to make sure I get everything organised so that ON the day I have to only make one big decision and then let the day flow from there... I'll just be a skatterbrain with anything that happens before the event.

Anyway, the picture is deceiving because the outside part looks as though it was a beautiful sunny day - this wasn't necessarily so when we left my folk's place it had actually poured down with rain only minutes before!

I looked at my brother as we made our way to the car and said, "I hope you've got a back-up plan!" but thankfully the sky cleared ALL DAY during my brother's wedding (and the footy)... it was really quite amazing - even the weatherman was perplexed.

And here's the main man of the event... my little brother - contemplating what's about to happen in t-minus 52 minutes and counting.

And here is with his best man, Ben, who've been friends for 20 odd years. Ben married only a year ago so I think he was giving some advice about what to do such as breathing... which alwats helps I guess!

There's my folks. (I liked that lacey "jacket" my mum was wearing - well that was what she called it when asked what it was... and the rest of her dress was nice too - just don't ask me what colour it was!)

And here we are setting sail.

As mentioned before, I was surprised that it wasn't raining when we arrived at the Matilda Bay Restaurant (where both the reception and ceremony were held). Ben is giving some last minute breathing tips - I think, either that or telling him it isn't too late to run!

The scenery was quite picturesque with the Perth city in the background... I can see why the chose this as their venue (or was that because my brother proposed here?).

It was now only a matter of time before the bride arrived - and notice the sun is how beginning to come out (nice). As a joke, on the rehersal day last weekend I asked Carlie how long we would need to wait before we knew she wasn't coming - as Carlie is notorious for being late. Thankfully we didn't need to wait too long today!

The ceremony went quite casually - we all laughed when Danny, the celebrant, told Carlie to repeat after him and he then read out a whole paragraph! I guess you had to be there. After the ceremony the bridal party was whisked to the photo venue being a small hop, skip and a jump away at UWA (just over the road).

I didn't realise just how picturesque the university was! All I ever knew about UWA was where the basketball courts and rec hall were! I didn't realise there were gardens (etc)!

Ben, the best man, did a good job - his speech was nice. One of the side
-effects of our attire was that we wore a black jacket, with black pants, with a black vest... when that sun came out, even though it was only 24 degrees, we felt every beam. While the bridesmaids were lapping up the sun because of their thin dresses, we were cooling in the shade.

And speaking of the bridesmaids...

... their dresses were stunning (I like the colour - just don't know what it is??). And speaking of dresses...

... Carlie's dress was nice. Wasn't as nice as Dan and Melissa's wedding 2 weeks ago, but I like the strapless dresses.

Then at the end of the ceremony we all said our goodbye's and they lived happily ever after.

With all differences aside (between Carlie and I), it was difficult to be anything BUT happy for the couple. Weddings are a special event, and to be bitter and twisted about someone would be wrong, and not to mention heartless (and I'm not *that* low!).

I'm glad they're both happy, and only time will tell of their undying love and commitment to each other - which I hope will endure forever.

As for now... congratulations Adam and Carlie!

I wish you both the very best.

I really do.

(There is much more to tell about the event, but I'm extremely tired and I'll have to find some other time during the week to write about it.)


mandy said...

congrats to the bride and groom. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

FJ said...

Awwwwww, what a magical day!

My sister's wedding this year was awesome too, and I was so proud of her that I even had a tear or two or ten in my eyes during the ceremony. (Though I'd never admit that to her)

I'm glad everything went well for your brother and your new sister and I hope that you too can meet somebody with whom to share a special wedding day of your own.