Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Melbourne Locked In

I've finally locked in my Melbourne trip.

I'm leaving here early Wednesday morning on the 15th November and arriving back Sunday night on the 18th.

Initially I planned on spending some time at my mate Chris' aunty's place, but thought against it.

Then I planned to spend a week hoping to get some shopping done, but then I'd just bought some clothes during the recent Father's Day specials (nothing like shopping for yourself when you're meant to be shopping for your dad!).

So apart from the U2 concert I really didn't know what else to do in Melbourne when I'm there. The only other thing would be to sit on a Temptation show and see the wonderful Livinia Nixon.

And being content with that I booked my flight and chopped my stay down to only a few days.

Watch out Melbourne here I come!

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