Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye Denise

On Saturday night we celebrated my sister's 24th birthday at the Pines restaurant at Observation City.

While the night went pretty much as most birthday celebrations do at restaurants, I noticed that next to our table was a chic that I sware looked exactly like Denise Richards.

It was freaky!

Too freaky really.

Why is this freaky? You ask.

Some of you may recall that my brother had a crush on Denise Richards during his hormonal years, in fact, I blogged about it in March this year and told you some of his fiancee's insecurities about the thing.

I just found it soooo interesting that exactly one week before his wedding - his last Saturday night as a single man - saw someone like Denise Richards sit pretty much right on his lap.

I don't know if he noticed her (I was too busy keeping an eye on her anyway... because I had to make real sure she looked like Denise! ;op ), and I wasn't going to say anything to him lest the wrath of his fiancee pour down upon me with fire and brimstone.

But... I was able to enjoy the night and have a personal chuckle over it.

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