Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ex Communication

Probably the most disturbing news I received during my brother's wedding on the weekend was a conversation I had with my grandma (who had celebrated her birthday on the same day as the wedding).

Initially she asked me whether I had talked to her son, my uncle, Shane.

When I told her I hadn't she eyed me and said, "He bumped into Cheryl the other day."


I braced myself.

"She was asking about you and how you were going and told Shane that Ella was coming back to Perth at the end of this year," she added.


"Stay strong, Ryan," she ended.

I'm glad she told me during the end of the wedding otherwise my mind would've been analysing everything about what was likely to happen.

For the uninformed Ella was the name of the woman I had my last serious relationship with - Cheryl is the name of her mother.

I don't know whether I've detailed the events of my relationship with Ella in here, but the Reader's Digest version of our relationship would go a little something like this...

> Boy meets sister's friend.
> Boy and girl fall in love.
> Boy and girl do the romantic thing for 4 years.
> Girl graduates uni as a teacher.
> Boy has friend who helps find job for girl.
> Girl gets job because of secret info from boy's friend.
> Boy and girl are now 300km apart.
> 4 months later girl says goodbye and falls in love with country man.

That was back in mid 2004.

Apparently since then girl has ditched country guy. And now, she's had enough of the country life and wants to come back home.

When I told a mate on Sunday about the news his first response was...
"She's going to get in contact with you."

I had a similar funny feeling like that too. I found it difficult to even sleep on Saturday night.

And ladies you might want to block your ears for what I'm about to say next, but there's one thing that really irks me about women.

You treat them nice, you be a gentleman, you have good times, you laugh together, you be a shoulder for her to cry on, you support them, you protect them, and then next minute that's all flushed down the toilet and means nothing when you've been "upgraded".

But, and I am referring to a real person here (a cousin of mine who was a very attractive girl and could've had any man), you have women that are abused in their relationship, get knocked up, enlarge their breasts to try and please their man who hardly ever notices them and they stay!?!

The axiom "Treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen" speaks volumes when looking at women in relationships like that - and the Jerry Springer show was full of em!

Thankfully some women out there have brains.


Yes, I'm a little ticked right now.

Ella was an attractive woman (I don't know if she still is - a lot can happen in 2 years) - she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic figure, a beautiful smile with and a gorgeous laugh to boot.

But I can't ever get back with her.

I don't even feel anything for her now.

And when some says goodbye, how could their words of "I love you" ever really mean anything anymore? It obviously didn't mean much before.


I hope she never calls - and I have the beauty of having moved twice since the break-up so I've got some cover.

But having said that I also hope she doesn't turn into the other ex girlfriend I had that stalked me for 5-odd years!

Why do I get all the crazy ones?

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