Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Million Dollar Idea

Today I went to the Whitford's City shopping center to get my haircut.

Quite a simple task really especially considering I already knew where I wanted to go.

Getting there was the hardest thing.


It seems Whitford's has this uncanny knack of annoying their shoppers by placing every conceivable salesperson in the middle of the mall.

No sooner have you entered the building have you been asked which telephone carrier you're with, what broadband company you use, whether you like the taste of this new disgustingly gross wheatgrass shot, how big the size of your mortgage is, whether you'd like to buy a ticket to a raffle that's rigged, and/or whether or not you think sleeping with this chic on a new bed is comfortable or not?

Okay, maybe with that last one had me daydreaming a little while a sales chic tried to impress me with some new fangle dangle matress, but in any case it was quite annoying and when I arrived at my destination I almost forgot what I was there for!

So what is my million dollar idea?

If I were an owner of a shopping mall I'd not advertise on TV the quantity of "specialty" shops or that the Wiggles are performing live... I'd just advertise "hassle free shopping", or maybe something cute like: "We don't spam our shoppers" and then we'd detail what we meant by not spamming our customers by comparing it to those pesky shopping centers with all those salespeople.

Brilliant huh?

You can come in do what you need to do and shop without having to avoid all those pesky little salespeople with their stands and products that you'll never be caught alive with.

I reckon you'd be swamped with customers.

Hmm... maybe I should patent that idea.

Regardless of what happened today all those annoying things dissipated when I had my hair cut by a hot chic who actually had some personality! Yeah, fancy that? A hairdresser that wasn't burnt out from the other dozen or so customers they've already counselled and cut today (I really feel sorry for all those hairdressers out there - it would be such a pain putting up with everyone talking about their problems as you cut their hair... I don't envy their job at all).

And on the way back home the following bumper sticker made me laugh...

Think this car is dirty?
Try the driver at night.
-Anonymous chic's bumper sticker

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