Thursday, September 21, 2006

All About Albany

Albany was awesome.

There's so much to talk about that I really don't want know where to start!?

I suppose I could talk about the women in town... not... that... I... was... looking... MUCH!

Yes, I will confirm my parent's opinion that there does seem to be a larger quantity of chics in Albany than blokes. And yes, many of them are quite attractive. In fact as we were driving down Albany's main street I almost gave myself whiplash keeping up with all the different women walking up and down the street!

And what I found even more interesting is that they'd almost stare me down!


I'll definitely need to do some more exploring in this area in December!

Another topic that reared its head during the weekend was the prospect of moving down to Albany to live. I certainly don't have lack of a place to stay with an uncle, an aunty and a cousin all living down there in their separate abodes.

But if I did move down there'd be so much to do that I'd probably never be at home anyway!

I mean you've got things like: kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, surfing, cycling... there's just much more you can do down there because of all the sights, beaches and natural parks that you just can't do here in the city.

And I think that's why athletic/active type women attract me more than non-athletic/non-active types. I love being active, I love doing stuff, and I'd love doing stuff like that with someone who similarly enjoys it.

Unfortunately the problem with the city is that we don't have to do too much to have ourselves entertained. Out in the country you've got to create your own entertainment... and my brain is full of creativity and imagination (maybe that's a sign I'm really just a 9-year old boy trapped inside a man's body!).

Anyway, there's no shortage of things to do in Albany believe me.

I had an interesting talk to my cousin who is a single mother about women. She asked whether I was seeing anyone, or had anyone on my radar, and I told her no. Puzzled by this I explained that there were several women at church but they were too young (20-21 year olds).

And she agreed.

She even reiterated what I already thought by saying that women at that age don't know what they want. And that's why I believe it's not until a woman reaches the age of around 25 that she begins to at least settle down.

The only problem, my cousin added, is that when you begin looking around for women who are single around that age bracket you may find that they've got a kid.

Hmm... good point. I think it would be difficult being with someone who already had a child. I mean, you'd have to provide for and love that child, which wouldn't be that difficult, but then disciplining them would be the hardest thing. Yep, she'd have to be pretty special, I must admit.

So while Albany was indeed fun it made me think a lot about where I'd like to spend my life and who I'd like to spend it with.

Can't wait until December.

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