Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wedding Talk

Today at church pretty much everyone was talking about the previous day's wedding.

In fact there were some people who were still a little teary as they reflected on the occassion and speaking of tears I will confess I *almost* got a little teary myself yesterday.

(Emphasis on ALMOST please)

During the ceremony there was a part after the bridal party had signed the registry and before they exchanged the rings where both bride and groom stood close together and everyone went silent. At first I didn't know what was going on, but as everyone watched we saw that the groom had his head slightly bowed and his eyes closed while the bride similarly had her head bowed and was whispering into his ear.

They were praying.

And when I realised this my throat caught a little frog.

I was definitely touched.

Their acknowledgement of God in their relationship was clearly seen to everyone who was "gathered here today".

That was powerful stuff.

(Hopefully by adding this to my blog I wont forget it when my wedding comes round - my memory might be good, but *sometimes* I have power failures.)

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