Thursday, August 31, 2006

Plastic Surgery On The Inside

A chic that smiles creates more of an impression on me than what I've initially been led to believe.

See, there have been several instances where I've gone over to a mate's house and as we've sat there watching TV he'd ask whether I thought a particular chic was hot or not (something guys often do when they're bored watching TV and have ran out of things to say... which is more times than not).

Take for example the chic on the World Poker Tour show.

I didn't think she was that hot, and when my mate asked one night I told him so. He thought I was mad... or gay.

But ever since the explosion of plastic surgery I think guys have got to be careful what they rest their eyes on as you just don't know what's "real" these days. Sure, a woman might have the perfect figure, but how did she get it? Working hard by staying active, or a quick nip and tuck?

And while everyone can see that plastic surgery may make one "feel good" does it really transform the "real" person - the one inside? I mean, everyone has bad habits, are they something that can be cut out and had new ones inserted too?

But... I'm digressing... getting back to the WPT chic - last week I saw a full length show and at the very end when the credits were rolling they showed outtakes of this chic when she had stuffed up.

And there it was: a beautiful smile, some laughs (even at herself), a splash of personality and my heart nearly jumped out of its sockets and kissed the TV!

I'm so easily impressed.

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