Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Wedding Down, One More To Go

The wedding today was spectacular.

If I had a wedding like that I'd be a happy man on my wedding day (no doubt my wife would too).

Unfortunately on such events like this I reflect on my own current state of life. In fact when I do such reflection I often hear my grandfather's voice saying,

"Where are you at? Where do want to go? And how best to get there?"

I'm a mixed bag of emotions after tonight.

I look at my mate Dan, who married today, I look at my brother who will be tying the knot in a fortnight's time... and then I look at myself and see... nothing.

To me they have everything: Dan is now married, has a stable job, will no doubt be looking to get a house soon, and the same thing applies to my brother.


Well, let's see, I still drive around in my first car, I have work that pays well but is so inconsistent if it were a rollercoaster ride at a theme park it would be the most popular ride in the world! No house, and no woman.

And do you know what's strange about the woman thing? I don't feel anything.

And even if such a woman were available I don't think I'd do anything anyway???!

Does this mean I'm turning gay?


But I think my current work situation has a larger hindrance on my love life than what I give it credit for. I look at my ability to be a provider and can't see it happening with my current situation.

So why do I pursue this path? Why not just go and get a job?

Hmm... it seems to be the easy way, at least before I get too old!

Anyway, I'm tired - the rollercoaster seems to run faster when I'm more tired.

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