Monday, August 07, 2006

Census 2006

Tomorrow Australia takes part in the census of 2006.

Oh what fun.

I think if the Australian government made everyone sit Who Wants To Be A Millionaire it might be a little more interesting, but answering a booklet of 60-odd questions is rather boring.

I've been filling out some of the general questions, such as address, name, birthdate, marital status, previous dwellings, etc etc.

As I've progressed through the booklet I've often thought what it'd be like if I became a little difficult for "big brother"... i.e.

Q16) Does the person speak a language other than English at home?
Answer: YES - Stra'yn (you'll need to be an Aussie to understand that one!)

Q18) What is the person's ancestry?
Answer: Primordial soup (billions and billions of years ago)


Yep, it's annoying.

My creative juices are dying.

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mandy said...

Good idea to agitate "big brother," except the possibilities for their revenge are limitless. Not such a great idea then.