Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Blonde Next Door

Ah, I think I found the problem to the JW's who came over to my folks place today...

There's a blonde chic next door.

(My folks place is on a duplex block and the houses on the block both look the same)

The JW's were probably glad they didn't get my mum answering the door otherwise they would've left with their tail between their legs.

My mum has an aunty who is an ardent JW and has had many discussions with her about the organisation. After telling mum about the weird encounter she asked,

"So did you ask them about Beth Sarim in San Diego, California?"


"Did you tell them which of the 144,000 they are?"

Umm, no.

"Or how many hours they've put in today doorknocking so that they can get to heaven through works?"

Forgot that one.

"Or where in the Bible they get Michael and Jesus being the same?"


"Or how JW's have the highest percentage of cases of schizophrenia than any other group?"


My mum just looked at me and could see I was staring blankly back at her. She stopped.


And you wouldn't believe what happened?

The phone rang.

And no, I hadn't called myself.


FJ said...

Ooh, suspense.

Ordinarily I don't mind suspense, but today I'm not so keen on it.
You are definitely going to have to spill about this phone call.

Was it the hot JW chic?


Shelly said...

Hey Ryan!! JW's are pretty tough to handle that's for sure. I haven't gotten many way out here in the country but I have gotten a few. They don't even know what they believe which makes it really easy to confuse them...that is if you get a younge one. lol I was looking and saw that I haven't talked to you since January! That is....really feels like a lifetime ago!