Saturday, July 01, 2006

Was It Her?

After the women's Lakeside match Chris and I scooted off to Carousel for some dinner, coffee and Superman Returns.

This in itself isn't anything exciting, however, there was an instance during our dinner at Han's Cafe where my eyes transfixed on a blonde sitting with her back to me several tables to my immediate left.

Initially I didn't notice her, instead I had spent most of my time staring at a brunette trying to recall why her face looked so familiar (don't you hate moments like that?).

Anyhoo, as Chris and I enjoyed our Asian cuisine I looked around and saw this blonde chic turn to her right, smile, and converse with the lady she was sitting next to.

First thing I noticed was her long straight blonde hair and her beautiful smile.


Immediately I had flashes of that painstaking dream I had only a week or so ago and looked around for a white wall.

"What's up?" Chris asked seeing my change in demeanour by looking around me at all different angles.

"I'm just looking to see if there's any white walls in here," I said knowing that he probably wouldn't understand... which he didn't.

Chris then left to go and grab our tickets and coffee while I finished the remainder of my dinner and paid.

By the time I had finished eating all four chics at the mystery blonde woman's table had similarly gone up and paid. Perfect timing.

As I made my way to the counter I noticed that she had a nice figure - similar to the one in my dream, but no black dress. Upon being within arms length I sized her up to be around 5'11"! Hmmm.

She certainly was hot.

So what did I do?


Which REALLY irked me.

Which was odd in itself as I've never really cared about things like this before and yet it's happened so many times in the past!?

Am I beginning to change?

Is my Y-chromosome ready to get back into the game again?

That movie Click must have more an affect on me than what I initially thought!


Could be time.

Watch out ladies... this guy may no longer be single for long!

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