Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To MC, Or To Not MC?

I received a text message from my brother today asking if I could be the Master of Ceremonies at their wedding in September.

Initially when my brother and his fiancee got engaged they TOLD me I'd be the MC, but after planning and thinking it through the plan changed and the role of MC was handed to someone else.

I was just to be on the bridal party.

Now it seems I'm the leading man for the MC role again, which they must be desperate to fill as I haven't a clue on what to do and what to say as an MC!?

It reminds me of an ad about a woman who walks up to a microphone and says,
"Excuse me please ladies and gentlemen. Excuse me. Attention please people."
Everyone stops what they're doing and they look up at the lady behind the microphone.
She stops and makes certain she has everyone's undivided attention and then proceeds to wafts her hair back, does a pose, and then says,
"Thank you."

I'm attending another friend's wedding in 6 weeks, so maybe I can glean some tips and tricks from the MC at that wedding.

1 comment:

Faerie Lady said...

You say it best when you say nothing at all *posing and pouting*