Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lakeside - The Return

Tonight Chris dragged me along to see the Lakeside Lightning play against the Wanneroo Wolves.

From my previous post I was a little reluctant to go. I was hoping that with Chris' knee injury he would forget about the event altogether and I'd be able to skip going back, but it wasn't to be.

Upon entering the stadium I was expecting changes, I mean 5 years is a long time in basketball years and a lot *can* change, but suprisingly enough nothing had changed at all!?

If I had walked in blindfolded I'd have easily navigated myself around the place - it really had changed that little!

After recognising only a handful of folks from my younger years (the one's that were the most painful to carry a conversation with) Chris and I found a set of seats at the back and watched the Lakeside women win by a ONE point!

At the end of the game I reflected back on previous fun times on court, and to be honest friends, I never felt a longing to get back on the court and play again.

Basketball was my second love. Ever since I hit double digits at the age of 10 I was always carrying a school bag on one arm and a basketball under the other, after so many years I eventually got so bored I tried seeing how many times I could headbutt or kick the ball through the hoop!


I wasn't too keen on watching the men play, I hope they won, but even Chris wasn't enthused by the evening so we cut it short and left.

Will I ever return to Lakeside again?

Probably not.

It played a large role in my teenage years - and that's all I needed it for.

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