Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Firstly allow me to wish all my American friends a happy Independence Day!


Today I too celebrated Independence Day... well, kinda... on a much lesser scale though.

See, my American friend Jake celebrated his 21st birthday today!! (He can't believe that America celebrates his birthday too!)

So my ol' bible study group got together and celebrated his 21st birthday as well as Independence Day!!

We pigged out on Mexican food, pecan pie, and then washed it down with root beer.

It was great.

We then set off a few sparkles... okay, maybe it was like 50 or so and we all nearly lost all facial hair in the process!

After that Jake and the boys celebrated the evening by playing around with his new 21st birthday gift: an Aussie rules footy!

(Kicking that thing around in the dark at the park caused some serious damage to heads, arms, guts, and faces... it was so much fun!)

Anyhoo, Jake had a wild time, and I hope his fellow American friends and compatriots have the same today too.

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