Saturday, July 01, 2006

Emotive Click

During the week I went and saw the latest movie Click starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale with my mate Chris - who's decided, against doctor's orders, to check himself out of hospital hopping around on one leg.

(And yes, for those who know me, the only reason I went and saw the flick was for Kate - it's been aeons since Underworld 2!)

And boy did I have a difficult time sitting straight... Kate in pyjamas... MmMmmmMm.... *biting finger*

More surprising than Kate in pyjamas though was how the movie played out. Initially the movie was going along okay as a comedy and then as it progressed it began unfolding as a drama - which played on a few heart strings!


But maybe that's because it came a little close to some truths in my life: putting the pursuit of things before family and friends.

A sin I admit being guilty of many years ago.

It was after the movie that my mind began reflecting back on my 10-year high school reunion where classmates were attached to their wives with smiles and laughter. Unfortunately my mind didn't allow me to get off at that stop, so I was soon flooded by the inevitable series of questions of...
  • Did I really make the right decision after I finished university?

  • Who do I have attached to me?

  • Why couldn't I just have been "normal" and got a 9-5 job like everyone else?

  • Blah blah blah

Yep, even for blokes like me who try and keep a tough rugged exterior I still battle over my inner demons: especially after movies like Click and The Family Man.

I laughed when I asked my mate Chris what he thought of the movie and his stern reply was,

"Why's that?" I asked.

"I almost cried!"

Yeah, I gotta admit - guys hate that.


Jennifer said...

Wow, who knew you could get so much out of an Adam Sandler movie?

FJ said...

Awwwww @ Chris.

Maybe his leg was hurting? ;o)


Ryan said...

Jen -> I'd like to think it was a Kate Beckinsale movie.


FJ -> I think he's just suffering withdrawals from the morphine!!

FJ said...

Ooh ick. Morphine.

Either way, I hope he heals quickly.


Faerie Lady said...

Boys are funny that way. I know one who couldn't listen to that song from 'Notting Hill'. You know, the one where says nothing at all. This guy is totally into heavy metal but apparently the lyrics really do it for him. Go figure.

So understandably, he hates the song.

Boys are weird. But I love them all the same. Now if I can just find one...