Friday, July 21, 2006

2 U2 Or Not 2 U2?

U2 have finally pulled their finger out and have organised another date for their concert down under.

Aaron called me this morning and told me the news, and we're apparently attending the Saturday night concert on November 18th!


Hopefully this time getting accommodation will be easier (no Commonwealth Games tourists to contend with).

Here's the news article I read today...

U2 announces new tour dates

Rock group U2 has announced its rescheduled world tour dates, with the band beginning its Australian leg in Brisbane on November 7.

The tour was postponed earlier in the year due to the family emergency of one of the band members.

After Brisbane the group will play two shows in Sydney on November 10 and 11, one in Adelaide on November 16 and another two in Melbourne on November 18 and 19.

US hip hop artist Kanye West will support U2 in Australia and New Zealand, where the band have two shows in Auckland.

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