Friday, July 21, 2006

Melbourne in November

My mate Chris has already planned his trip to Melbourne, taking a couple of weeks off work he'll be staying at his aunty's place from the 3rd November and then leaving just after the U2 concert (19th).

His aunty has told me I'm more than willing to stay at her place.

I'll probably take it up... it's just that November's so far away.

And blokes hardly know what they're doing tomorrow let alone 4 months in advance!

One thing I'd definitely want to do is to participate in the studio audience on a Temptation show and see the wonderful Livinia Nixon and her gorgeous smile!

That and the U2 concert would pretty much see me the happiest man in November - I'm easily pleased!

Hello Lara!

I'm not a big fan of skating.

Any form of skating really - rollerskating, iceskating, skateboarding... etc.

There's just too much space between me and the floor when I'm on something I can't quite control... I never was any good with my feet.

However, as I was channel surfing the other night I tuned in to Torvill and Dean's Dancing on Ice and saw Lara Bingle - the "Where the bloody hell are ya?" chic.

Wow! What a smile!

All that pain would've been worth it if I kept skating in my younger years and became her skating partner.

2 U2 Or Not 2 U2?

U2 have finally pulled their finger out and have organised another date for their concert down under.

Aaron called me this morning and told me the news, and we're apparently attending the Saturday night concert on November 18th!


Hopefully this time getting accommodation will be easier (no Commonwealth Games tourists to contend with).

Here's the news article I read today...

U2 announces new tour dates

Rock group U2 has announced its rescheduled world tour dates, with the band beginning its Australian leg in Brisbane on November 7.

The tour was postponed earlier in the year due to the family emergency of one of the band members.

After Brisbane the group will play two shows in Sydney on November 10 and 11, one in Adelaide on November 16 and another two in Melbourne on November 18 and 19.

US hip hop artist Kanye West will support U2 in Australia and New Zealand, where the band have two shows in Auckland.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To MC, Or To Not MC?

I received a text message from my brother today asking if I could be the Master of Ceremonies at their wedding in September.

Initially when my brother and his fiancee got engaged they TOLD me I'd be the MC, but after planning and thinking it through the plan changed and the role of MC was handed to someone else.

I was just to be on the bridal party.

Now it seems I'm the leading man for the MC role again, which they must be desperate to fill as I haven't a clue on what to do and what to say as an MC!?

It reminds me of an ad about a woman who walks up to a microphone and says,
"Excuse me please ladies and gentlemen. Excuse me. Attention please people."
Everyone stops what they're doing and they look up at the lady behind the microphone.
She stops and makes certain she has everyone's undivided attention and then proceeds to wafts her hair back, does a pose, and then says,
"Thank you."

I'm attending another friend's wedding in 6 weeks, so maybe I can glean some tips and tricks from the MC at that wedding.

Happy Anniversary

Believe it or not dear friends but it's now been over a year since I've started this blog!

I didn't really know what to expect when I started, heck, I didn't even think I'd last any more than 3 months.

But damn it - I have!

So what has happened in a year?

There has been my best mate's wedding break, my brother's engagement, holidays down south (a couple of times), and a move to the northern suburbs as being all the most notable events of the past year.

However, some of my more memorable posts were:

I Hate Cats
Cooking Class
My Most Embarrassing Moment

Here's to another year.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Albany Locked In


The trip to Albany has been locked in.

My Christmas and New Years are going to be celebrated with family and friends.

I can't wait!

Especially considering the fact that I'm freezin my a$$ off at the moment.

O summer wherefore art though?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Firstly allow me to wish all my American friends a happy Independence Day!


Today I too celebrated Independence Day... well, kinda... on a much lesser scale though.

See, my American friend Jake celebrated his 21st birthday today!! (He can't believe that America celebrates his birthday too!)

So my ol' bible study group got together and celebrated his 21st birthday as well as Independence Day!!

We pigged out on Mexican food, pecan pie, and then washed it down with root beer.

It was great.

We then set off a few sparkles... okay, maybe it was like 50 or so and we all nearly lost all facial hair in the process!

After that Jake and the boys celebrated the evening by playing around with his new 21st birthday gift: an Aussie rules footy!

(Kicking that thing around in the dark at the park caused some serious damage to heads, arms, guts, and faces... it was so much fun!)

Anyhoo, Jake had a wild time, and I hope his fellow American friends and compatriots have the same today too.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Was It Her?

After the women's Lakeside match Chris and I scooted off to Carousel for some dinner, coffee and Superman Returns.

This in itself isn't anything exciting, however, there was an instance during our dinner at Han's Cafe where my eyes transfixed on a blonde sitting with her back to me several tables to my immediate left.

Initially I didn't notice her, instead I had spent most of my time staring at a brunette trying to recall why her face looked so familiar (don't you hate moments like that?).

Anyhoo, as Chris and I enjoyed our Asian cuisine I looked around and saw this blonde chic turn to her right, smile, and converse with the lady she was sitting next to.

First thing I noticed was her long straight blonde hair and her beautiful smile.


Immediately I had flashes of that painstaking dream I had only a week or so ago and looked around for a white wall.

"What's up?" Chris asked seeing my change in demeanour by looking around me at all different angles.

"I'm just looking to see if there's any white walls in here," I said knowing that he probably wouldn't understand... which he didn't.

Chris then left to go and grab our tickets and coffee while I finished the remainder of my dinner and paid.

By the time I had finished eating all four chics at the mystery blonde woman's table had similarly gone up and paid. Perfect timing.

As I made my way to the counter I noticed that she had a nice figure - similar to the one in my dream, but no black dress. Upon being within arms length I sized her up to be around 5'11"! Hmmm.

She certainly was hot.

So what did I do?


Which REALLY irked me.

Which was odd in itself as I've never really cared about things like this before and yet it's happened so many times in the past!?

Am I beginning to change?

Is my Y-chromosome ready to get back into the game again?

That movie Click must have more an affect on me than what I initially thought!


Could be time.

Watch out ladies... this guy may no longer be single for long!

Lakeside - The Return

Tonight Chris dragged me along to see the Lakeside Lightning play against the Wanneroo Wolves.

From my previous post I was a little reluctant to go. I was hoping that with Chris' knee injury he would forget about the event altogether and I'd be able to skip going back, but it wasn't to be.

Upon entering the stadium I was expecting changes, I mean 5 years is a long time in basketball years and a lot *can* change, but suprisingly enough nothing had changed at all!?

If I had walked in blindfolded I'd have easily navigated myself around the place - it really had changed that little!

After recognising only a handful of folks from my younger years (the one's that were the most painful to carry a conversation with) Chris and I found a set of seats at the back and watched the Lakeside women win by a ONE point!

At the end of the game I reflected back on previous fun times on court, and to be honest friends, I never felt a longing to get back on the court and play again.

Basketball was my second love. Ever since I hit double digits at the age of 10 I was always carrying a school bag on one arm and a basketball under the other, after so many years I eventually got so bored I tried seeing how many times I could headbutt or kick the ball through the hoop!


I wasn't too keen on watching the men play, I hope they won, but even Chris wasn't enthused by the evening so we cut it short and left.

Will I ever return to Lakeside again?

Probably not.

It played a large role in my teenage years - and that's all I needed it for.

Emotive Click

During the week I went and saw the latest movie Click starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale with my mate Chris - who's decided, against doctor's orders, to check himself out of hospital hopping around on one leg.

(And yes, for those who know me, the only reason I went and saw the flick was for Kate - it's been aeons since Underworld 2!)

And boy did I have a difficult time sitting straight... Kate in pyjamas... MmMmmmMm.... *biting finger*

More surprising than Kate in pyjamas though was how the movie played out. Initially the movie was going along okay as a comedy and then as it progressed it began unfolding as a drama - which played on a few heart strings!


But maybe that's because it came a little close to some truths in my life: putting the pursuit of things before family and friends.

A sin I admit being guilty of many years ago.

It was after the movie that my mind began reflecting back on my 10-year high school reunion where classmates were attached to their wives with smiles and laughter. Unfortunately my mind didn't allow me to get off at that stop, so I was soon flooded by the inevitable series of questions of...
  • Did I really make the right decision after I finished university?

  • Who do I have attached to me?

  • Why couldn't I just have been "normal" and got a 9-5 job like everyone else?

  • Blah blah blah

Yep, even for blokes like me who try and keep a tough rugged exterior I still battle over my inner demons: especially after movies like Click and The Family Man.

I laughed when I asked my mate Chris what he thought of the movie and his stern reply was,

"Why's that?" I asked.

"I almost cried!"

Yeah, I gotta admit - guys hate that.