Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup

Last night I stayed up late and watched some of the World Cup.

Unfortunately I've never been a big fan of soccer (or football - depending on where you come from). Several embarrassing episodes from playing the game throughout my younger years include:

1. Running into an open goal with the ball *right* there in front of me, pulling back ready to send the ball home and then... slipping over and turning it over the opposition. I didn't decide to get up for the remainder of the game.

2. Playing goalie due to my size. I guess everyone thought that our team would stand a better chance if someone plugged up 80% of the goal face.

So soccer has never been a kind sport to me.

But as the Aussies have finally made it this year I decided to stay up and watch their opening game against Japan.

And boy was it a great game. I thought Japan had it in the bag, but in the space of about 8 minutes, near the end of the game, Australia kicked 3 goals!!


I think I've got the World Cup fever this year... but only when we win.


And I'm so glad I've finally got my frickin plasma TV too.

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Jennifer said...

It's soccer, not football!!