Sunday, June 04, 2006

Walking The Dog

I've been enjoying the Foundation Day long weekend by going for a few bike rides.

The weather in Perth has been fantastic, and I thought to myself what better to enjoy the sunshine than by sweating it out on the roads screaming up and down a few hills.

Today I went with a mate and as we rode a 30km bog lap around Burns Beach and Joondalup Lake we approached this stretch where up ahead a chic was walking her golden retriever.

Initially I thought the dog was roaming free as he was quite some distance away from it's owner, but as we neared I saw that the dog was actually on a leash.

When the chic saw us approach she ravelled up the lead around her arm until the dog was by her side.

As we passed there was still a fair length of lead behind her.

I'd never seen such a long lead before!

My mate Dan turned and looked at me, no doubt also surprised by the length of the dog's lead.

I smiled and nodding my head back in the direction of the chic we had just passed I said,

"The shorter lead at home is for her man."


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Bella said...

Nice work! Sure it is...dont you mean her lead is at home... hehe!