Saturday, June 03, 2006

Toilet Run

Last night Chris and I went out and had dinner at Han's Cafe in Joondalup.

It was the first time I had eaten at that cafe in Joondalup as both Chris and I had dined at several other Han's Cafe's in other areas before (Carousel being the most popular one - I love it how you can order from the touchpad screens at the booths!).

Anyway, after dinner we headed off to Hillary's Boat Harbour for a coffee. When we entered the Dome I noticed three hot chics sitting on the center couch enjoying whatever it was they were drinking (heck, I couldn't even tell they were drinking anything... I didn't look that low!).

After ordering a pair of flat white's we sat down and chatted a bit before our coffee's arrived.

Chris took a sip and then said that he was off to the men's room, which after asking for directions from one of the Dome waitresses ended up being outside the cafe and down the left somewhere.

As I sat there on my lonesome admiring the... umm... coffee, several other chics arrived and I began wondering why I hadn't been to this place more often on a Friday night!


Eventually 15 minutes pass since Chris had left and I start thinking what could possibly be taking him so long. When you're sitting there alone having nearly finished your coffee with a second one hardly touched new people that enter into the cafe kind of give you the "maybe he's schitzo" look.

20 minutes now pass and there still is no sign of Chris.

Either he really needed to go, or, he's caught up with someone, I begin thinking.

Another 5 minutes pass and a waitress clears away my empty coffee cup and motions to take away Chris' but I hasten a "no touchy" hand gesture.

Yet ANOTHER 5 minutes pass, totalling now half an hour, and there still is no sign of Chris. By now the three chics on the couch have got up and walked out and... umm... what... was... I talking about... again?

Oh yes, Chris.

When the three chics leave a group of 6 walk in and give me the evils as I sat alone sitting around a 5 seater table.

As more minutes pass I begin to think that maybe somebody has jumped him while on the toilet, and decide to give him a call before sending out a search party.

No sooner had I picked up my phone had I saw him walking towards the door.

About friggin time, I sigh.

As he walks into the cafe he sports a smirk on his face and now I begin to think that maybe he caught up with some chic or something (maybe one of the three?).

He hurriedly sits down and when he does says,
"Check this out."

He pulls out his mobile phone presses a few buttons and then shows the display.

I'm expecting a chic's phone number, or maybe even a photo!

What do I see?


An old fighter plane type game on his mobile screen.

"You had me waiting here for over half an hour because you were playing 1942 on the loo??"

"Yeah, and I've got a top score of 11,000 without even losing a life yet."

He downed his cold coffee in a second and laughed.

I came *this* close to throwing his friggin phone in the harbour.


Jennifer said...

That made me laugh out loud. You guys and your video games!

FJ said...

LOL Ryan.

I empathise with you mate, I really do, but gee, that was funny.

Oh yeah, and I like that game too, but I'm always getting shot, so I never last very long. LOL


PS: I remember playing it at the fish and chip shop as a kid, was always a waste of 20c, but Dad used to give me 2 and when they ran out, that was it, home we'd go. (I was never there for much more than 10 minutes anyway) LOL

Bella said...

That is Hilarious!! I have a friend that I have "issues" with him and his phone... its just not human to be that reliant on a peice of technology is it???