Friday, June 09, 2006

More Women?

I love statistics... okay so I'm a geek, but I came across this demographic table that listed the estimated population of men and women in every country around the world (well 191 of those countries anyway).

Here are some interesting stats on the male/female state of this planet...

64% of countries have MORE women than men.

Which country do think would have the highest proportion of women to men?

Had a guess?

If it was Latvia you'd be right (now I'm beginning to understand why there's so many Latvian women on the net nowadays - I might have to change my conspiracy theory).

Latvia have 16% more women than men.

Okay, which country do you think has more men than women?

Did you say China... well I did, but that isn't the case.

Have another guess.

Alright, did you say the United Arab Emirates?

Yep, the UAE have OVER TWICE as many men as women - so ladies, if you're having troubles finding a bloke you can swim to the Persian Gulf and be sure of finding one for you.

But what about Australia?

If you thought there were more women than men in Australia you'd be correct. There's nearly 250,000 more women in Australia than men, and being the nice guy that I am I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the greater good by ensuring they don't all die single.

That's right, I'm willing to have marry 250,000 times.

Hmm... wait a minute... this means that I'll be celebrating 685 birthday's per day as well as 685 wedding anniversary's per day. Which means I need to find 1370 perfect gifts PER DAY!

Good grief!

This also means that every minute of every day all I'm ever doing is searching for a different perfect gift!!


Thank God for eBay.

Okay, what about other countries where women outnumber men...

New Zealand has 3.4% more women than men - probably the reason why they have a female prime minister!

Canada has 281,000 more women than men... if those Canadian women shaved their legs more often they'd have no problem getting a bloke, but... I understand they DO need to keep warm.


Surprisingly, the Russian Federation has 10.3 million more women than men - which shouldn't really come as a surprise considering Russians call home their "Mother Land".

Another Eastern European country that has a high number of women to men is the Ukraine - there are 3.8 million more women than men.

Just skip a little west to Germany and the trend continues with there being nearly 2 million more women than men. And France 1.6 million more women than men, oui?

Over the channel into the UK we find there is roughly the same difference as in France with 1.4 million more women than men. And as we swim across the Atlantic we find Mexico and Brazil have 2.4 million and 2.6 million more women than men respectively.

Lastly, if we take a quick glance at Japan and we'll see there's nearly 3 million more wasabi women than men.

And what of the US of A?

Would you think there'd be more women or men?

Well, if you're a single chic in the US of A it shouldn't be a surprise as there are 4.8 million more women than men.

And what about those single ladies, where around the world can they find plenty of men?

Here are the top places for women...

Nigeria there's 1.5 million more men than women
Bangladesh has 3.1 million more men than women
Pakistan 4.6 million more men than women
India has a whopping 28.2 million more men than women
And China tops the lot with a whopping 35.9 million more men than women

So if you're single and want to improve your odds, if you're male travel to eastern Europe and the U.S., and if you're female anywhere in the Middle East or Asia and you'll have no problems.

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