Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lakeside, Lakeside, Lakeside

Last night Chris planned a night out at Lakeside to watch the men's and women's state basketball match.

I was a little reluctant to go, but considering I had nothing else to do last night I thought it wouldn't hurt.

See, Lakeside and I go waaay back.

Ever since the stadium was built in 1992 up until late 2000 I played basketball there nearly every second day.

I loved it.

At the age of 19 I tried out for the men's 23s Lakeside team, but felt my skills weren't up to standard and requested personal coaching lessons.

Looking back at that day where I kicked myself from the team I shouldn't have quit.

Anyway, over the next year I ended up receiving private coaching lessons, and when my coach said that I was more than ready I felt taking it the next level was no longer worth it.

As the next few years rolled by I played as high as a non-professional could, but after conquering that hill my enthusiasm for the game began to wane. Soon new younger blood entered into the game and with them came a new style of play - player's with 'tude.

And with that playing ball was no longer fun. So I hung my boots up after a rolled ankle and maybe only played once a year for the next couple of years until I didn't play at all.

To be honest I can't believe it's been maybe over 3 years since I've played a game and around 6 years since I've played a season.


Anyhoo... heading to Lakeside last night was a little nostalgic, however, as Chris and I were within a minute or two away from the stadium the DJ on the Sonshine radio station that I had just tuned in to said,

"... and it's not too late to catch Lakeside Lightning play tonight at the... Perry Lakes Stadium."

We had the wrong venue.

Chris was disappointed, I was secretly elated.

Chris still wanted to watch at least one game during their season and as we drove past the stadium he noted down their next home game being Friday 30th June.

Hopefully that'e enough time to find a way to be "busy" on that night!

I dunno, I suppose it wouldn't hurt going to at least one game though, it's been 6 years, I had many friends when I played and you never know maybe some of them still hang around and watch the Lightning play.

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