Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Foundation Day

Yesterday was another beautiful warm sunny day, which was odd considering that it's now officially winter.

I spent yesterday morning bike riding with Dan, and having coffee in Freo with Chris. It was a tough day.

Strangely enough warm weather on the Foundation Day long weekend isn't an abnormal occurence, last year was warm enough that I actually went for a swim!

I remember it as if it were yesterday because last year I was on a church camp up at Lancelin during the same long weekend. My brother, his fiancee (although not at the time), Jake and I were all at Lancelin beach kicking a footy around. We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves, but as the day grew older we all were getting a little too warm... and as we soon saw everyone else began flocking to the beach too.

Soon shirts were off (bar my brother's fiancee) and it wasn't long until Jake was so hot that he couldn't resist the cold water any longer,

"I'm going in," he said.

"But you don't have any bordies," I replied.

"Doesn't matter."

And with that he strip down to his boxers.

"Are you coming in?" he asked.

"Well, I'd like too but I didn't bring any bordies because I didn't think it was going to get this warm," I replied.

"Just take your clothes off," he said too matter-of-factly which had me a little worried.

"Is there something you're not telling us Jake?"

"What?? There's hardly anyone around," he replied.

"There ain't no way I'm stripping down," I said fearing that if I were to catch a wave with only boxers on it may strip the only remaining article of clothing I have and leave me doing a 100 meter naked dash across the beach to my other clothes and as there was a woman present (with more approaching) I didn't want to risk it (it even brought back memories of this event!).

As I explained to Jake, in his Tweety bird boxers, the risks of losing his boxers in the surf he immediately answered with a,

"Just hold them up with one hand."

His response sounded as though he had done this many times before.

While my brother and his fiancee were working out how they were going to get wet, I told Jake that I'd prefer just going in my shorts - at least I was doubly protected.

He seemed disappointed, and hopefully only disappointed in the fact that he was the only one wearing boxers. Everyone else pretty much went in with the clothes they brought down to the beach.

Unfortunately as soon as my jean shorts were soaked they felt like concrete. Thankfully I had a belt on, which I had to tightened several times as the surf was strong enough in nearly pulling everything off!

When that day had finished and the sun was near setting we waved Jake to come on in - as we were now leaving. We considered grabbing all his clothes and doing a runner to the campsite where no doubt some of the chics around his age (13-15) would've gone wild, but my brother's fiancee noticed our scheming and quickly grabbed his gear before we could.

In the end Jake ended up walking to camp with just his boxers on ANYWAY. Obviously he DID want to impress the girls with his scrawny body and wet saggy Tweeties on!

Yet, there was one strange thing I didn't take into much consideration when Jake walked out of the water all the way to camp: he had one hand tightly clenched around the front strap of his boxers. Initially I thought he did it to try and keep his body warm, it wasn't until after his shower where he hung his Tweeties over the dorm window that I saw the reason for his tight grip...

His Tweety boxer's elastic strap had snapped!

I don't know what was weirder: Jake continuing to surf with broken boxers on, or, him surfing close to me!

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