Friday, June 16, 2006

Dreaming Of Strange Women

I don't often remember my dreams although I do have dreams (if that makes any sense!?).

And I don't think that's terribly abnormal either, as most blokes similarly say they can't remember their dreams - maybe there's something in that Y chromosome that just deletes stuff while we're sleeping!

However, occassionally I'll remember something from my dreams and it'll bother me for the remainder of the day... especially strange ones.

Like this morning when I woke up I could remember fragments of the dream I had that night.

Here's what I remember...

  • I'm sitting outside a restaurant with a friend (who I think was Willo, but I can't recall) and this blue eyed long blonde straight haired chic (this was weird in itself as I very rarely sit outside when I go to a restaurant as you're likely to catch a whiff of cigarette smoke with your meal (yuk!)).

  • I can't remember if the blonde chic had a name in my dream (if she did I've forgotten it now), nor was her face familiar (I've ever met before).

  • She wore a black dress, but it could've been dark red, or navy blue (well my dreams don't help me distinguish colour, but I'm pretty sure it was black).

  • One quality about the restaurant was that it had a white wall out the front, I couldn't remember the name, although the place felt familiar.

  • When we left the blonde chic and I left together (don't know what happened to Willo), and I can remember the blonde chic being fairly tall maybe between 5'10"-6' with a good figure.

  • Last thing I remember was calling her on the phone.

Then the friggin alarm went off!


Don't you hate that?

I wish you could just dial back into dreams, just before your alarm goes off you see a message that says "To Be Continued" - I swear I'd get more sleep if that were the case!

Anyway, weird, huh?

I'm beginning to understand my cousin's definition of dreams. When we were young, he said,
"When you dream your eyes roll back and see what you're thinking!"

That had me laughing all day.

So, now you know why remembering my dreams annoys me: just what was I thinking?

Mysterious women, strange locations...

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