Monday, May 29, 2006

Where's My Frickin TV??

Believe it or not but my plasma TV still hasn't arrived yet.

Yep, it's now been OVER A MONTH!

What's happened?

Well, first I was given the ol' "Should be there by next week" cut and paste response when I purchased the TV, which gave them a week up their sleeves. By the time week #2 rolled around I gave them a call and asked what was the go, they confirmed that it would be a "Tuesday or Wednesday next week"... giving them another week.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday pass on week #3, and Friday I call the bloke up and find out what had happened with our supposed "Tuesday or Wednesday" delivery. He was astonished that I hadn't had my TV... and so was I!

He said he'd look into the matter, and on that day told me that for some odd reason my TV was delivered to South Australia!? They would look into getting it back and get back to me again next week.

Week #4 (last week) he calls and tells me the staff at their South Australia store sold the TV and there were no longer any more of the plasma's I bought left.


I suppose if I had not been given an LG plasma TV in the mean time by these guys I probably would have hit the roof by now.

Anyway, apparently Panasonic no longer produce the plasma I bought it has been superceded by a new slicker model with all the latest whizz bang blah blah blah attached.

When this beast arrives is anyone's guess, but I'm taking bets if anyone feels so inclined.

In fact, by the time they're ready to give me this latest model it'll be superceded by another more fancier one! Ah, you gotta love the technology age.

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