Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top Spousal Quality

Ask yourself the following question:

What would you rate as the most important quality of your spouse for a successful marriage?

Think about it for a second.

Really think about it.

I've asked women, and men (no don't go there it was ONLY for research purposes) and do you know what each side said?

Most women answered "Honesty", and most blokes similarly answered "Honesty" too!

Have I been surprised by the answers? Yes... somewhat.


Well, imagine one day your other half walks in after a hard day's work and being the honest person they are they say,
"I've just slept with the boss at work."
(Yes we're assuming your spouse's boss is of the same sex as you)

Will you say, "Thanks for being honest" and continue on as if nothing bad has happened??

I don't think any normal sane person would allow their spouse to do that no matter how honest they are.

Another popular response was...


I thought this was a good answer, as I think most people wouldn't want any spouse to cheat on them. But then what if one day the police rock up on your doorstep and take your spouse away for unspeakable crimes committed on humanity?


Would you still love them even though they were faithful?

So what is the right answer?

I dunno, and I think I should stop asking "deep and meaningfuls" because my head hurts.

But as for me my answer would be the simple four letter word most common to us all...


True love.

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