Monday, May 29, 2006

Perth Cabs

I saw the Amazing Race on Thursday where it featured more of my beautiful city Perth.

For those that saw the episode you were probably wondering why the contestants found it so difficult to catch a cab in Perth.

Oh it's nothing much, we just have a serial killer on the loose down here.


Yep, it happened about 10 years ago now.

Out in the quiet suburb of Claremont on Bay View Terrace at the local pub late one Saturday night one young blonde woman went missing. Several months later another young blonde woman went missing, and then about 5-6 months another young blonde woman went missing - although when photos of this last missing woman were shown everyone thought it was a separate incident as the photos showed a brunette, not a blonde, but her parents told police that she had recently dyed her hair blonde.

3 young blonde women missing.

As the years passed two bodies were found out in the deep scrub up north, the first woman's body (I think) has been the only body that hasn't been recovered.

The police were unable to conclusively find out who the killer was, and were only able to create a time line of events that saw each lady's foot steps end when they got into a cab. Since then police "believed" a cab driver was responsible for the murders and have targetted one such cab driver who went on air to plead his innocence.

So, since then police have kept a very close eye on a small handful of suspects, and since they've done so the serial killer hasn't struck (he/she/they may have high tailed it out of the city/state/country by now anyway).

I'm surprised that with all the technology and high tech gadgetry (and even using psychics with murder investigations which seems popular nowadays) that the cops haven't been able to find the killer.

And to also think that I began fellowshipping at a new church only a stone's throw away from the Bay View Terrace at Claremont Baptist Church after the third kidnapping!

What was I thinking??

So now you know why it's so difficult to catch a cab in Perth. You need to phone, book, check to make sure you've got the right cab and then go.


Bella said...

Hehe.. I find you Hilarious! I live in Perth also... kinda and do also find it difficult to catch a Cab, however now i will certainly thing twice about wanting to hail one....

Ryan said...

I'm not quite sure what is weirder...

A chic from Perth on the blogosphere, or, a chic who says that she "kinda" lives in Perth?

I'll only forgive that you "kinda" live in Perth if you live out in the country, or Madurah (Manja).

And just because you travel everywhere around the world for free doesn't mean you can pick and choose where you live.