Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MySpace Weirdos

Before I begin I'll start by saying that it ain't all *that* bad - there do seem to be some normal people amongst them (just hard to find).

One such weirdo that crossed my mail box was a woman who sent an email requesting help.

Seems she's in a bit of pickle.

Here's her story in summary form...

1. Her parents died in a car accident 4 years ago.
2. Her brother is a drug addict.
3. She's willing to travel to any location to be with "Mr. Right".
4. She did #3 by travelling to Africa and meeting such a guy (not specific at an exact country in that continent).
5. Upon arriving and sleeping with the guy he stole all her belongings (purse/jewelry/passport... etc) - now she has nothing.
6. She needs someone to pay her hotel bill.


Heck, I thought I was the king of unique introductions... seems I've finally met my match!

"Don't you have other family, work colleagues, old school friends that can help???"

Obviously not.


I suppose having no friends in her network should have thrown some alarm bells.


Jennifer said...

I have heard lots of freaky things about myspace ... I joined it but try to avoid it.

Heavy Hand said...
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