Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Shopping

As everyone here knows, if it wasn't for the last minute nothing would ever get done, right?

Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day, and as I had the unenviable task of trying to find the perfect gift yet again today you can probably understand why a simple bloke such as myself has to do such last minute gift buying.

But I had some events that I thought I'd share (I never knew shopping could be so much fun - although getting a parking today was a BIG hassle!)...

First there was the shoe store. My mate Chris was looking for a new pair of shoes (nothing like shopping for oneself when buying for another, right?) and we dotted in and out of several shoe stores trying to find the type of shoe he was looking for.

While all the shoe shops that we entered contained both male and female style shoes there was this one shoe shop that had all men's shoes on the right-side of the store - which was weird as all other stores had men's shoes on the left-hand side of the store (as you entered) - don't even ask why I even knew this fact (see what shopping does to a bloke: makes him go all troppo).

Upon entering this store a cute female shop attendant came asking if we needed any assistance with anything...

Chris: No thanks, just looking.
Her (to me): And you, sir?
Me: No, but I'm glad you've got the men's shoes on the right-side of the shop.
Her (puzzled experession): Umm... yeah?!
Me: Yeah, because you know... guys are always right.

I smirked and was glad she saw the humour and laughed (nice smile), and with that Chris didn't find his shoe so we abruptly left.

(He also thought I was some male chauvinist pig!?! So much for a sense of humour?)

Our second fun round happened as we exited a store that has those detector thingies if you walk through with unpaid for goods. As Chris and I made our way to the exit a pair of chics in front of us exited and had the alarm beep.

We stopped... we had to as our bags hadn't been checked.

The old lady at the detector walked over to the two chics who had walked through and made them walk back inside the store where the detector beeped yet again. The old lady asked them to pass each of their bags to her one at a time to check to see what bag was beeping.

During this lengthy 10 second process I yelled out,

"Strip search her!"

Both chics turned around and laughed at the request.

"I'll help out considering there's two of them," I added trying to get the old lady's attention - to no avail.

They returned back to their task and eventually found the offending piece - some car key chain metallic thing.


I was looking forward to helping an old lady in distress too.

Oh well, through all the pain and fun I was able to find the perfect gift yet again this year - which means I'm probably still in the will for another year.

I hope all of those celebrating mother's day tomorrow have a wonderful day.

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Miss Natalie said...

That's the way to enjoy a shopping trip!