Monday, May 29, 2006

Blue Fingers

Well, one's thing for sure: the days are sure getting colder.

On my early Saturday morning bike rides with the guys from church it was a chilly 5 degrees last Saturday - now this doesn't sound like much, especially those who live in snowy climates, but when you're cycling with only shorts and a jumper on everything shrivels up.

And yes I mean everything!

And oddly enough the body part in the most pain on these early morning cold bike rides is never my ass or my legs - it's my fingers!!!

I wondered why when arrived at the church on Saturday everyone wore gloves on. After riding around to get warm I soon figured out why and was tempted to go back home and use an old pair of dishwashing gloves to alleviate what was going to be a very painful ride.

But... being the crazy bloke I am I bit my lower lip (mainly to restore sense and feeling to it) and rode on.

In fact, I thought that if I could ride fast at the start my body would circulate the much needed warm blood from my legs to my fingers.

Silly man.

Going faster only turned my blue cold fingers into snap frozen fish fingers!

Next time I'm wearing gloves.

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