Friday, May 19, 2006

The Amazing Race

Last night I saw the latest episode of the Amazing Race. I was surprised to see that the whole episode was from my home town of Fremantle!

I couldn't believe it!

I had to laugh at myself when there were moments when certain couples would get lost, like the elderly couple looking for Fremantle Prison...

"Dude, it's right behind you!" I screamed.

All to no avail.

And then the Hippy boys chose to take the ferry to Hillary's (near to where I am now) and taxi it back down to Freo.

"Dudes, that'll take you ages!" I yelled.

And then we had the detour challenge where the contestants had to choose between diving for lobsters or dragging tree branches over the beach.

Phil narrated that the tree dragging activity was common to us West Australian folk who do it to stop beach erosion.


Common to us all?

Heck, everyone in here knows I go to the beach nearly every friggin tomorrow (during Summer) and I haven't seen anyone hurl trees along the beach to stop the beach erosion.

Ah television.

Well at least this episode proved to be more interactive during my busy schedule lately.

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