Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top Spousal Quality

Ask yourself the following question:

What would you rate as the most important quality of your spouse for a successful marriage?

Think about it for a second.

Really think about it.

I've asked women, and men (no don't go there it was ONLY for research purposes) and do you know what each side said?

Most women answered "Honesty", and most blokes similarly answered "Honesty" too!

Have I been surprised by the answers? Yes... somewhat.


Well, imagine one day your other half walks in after a hard day's work and being the honest person they are they say,
"I've just slept with the boss at work."
(Yes we're assuming your spouse's boss is of the same sex as you)

Will you say, "Thanks for being honest" and continue on as if nothing bad has happened??

I don't think any normal sane person would allow their spouse to do that no matter how honest they are.

Another popular response was...


I thought this was a good answer, as I think most people wouldn't want any spouse to cheat on them. But then what if one day the police rock up on your doorstep and take your spouse away for unspeakable crimes committed on humanity?


Would you still love them even though they were faithful?

So what is the right answer?

I dunno, and I think I should stop asking "deep and meaningfuls" because my head hurts.

But as for me my answer would be the simple four letter word most common to us all...


True love.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Oh, and before I go... it looks like our family have organised a Christmas-New Years celebration down in the sleepy hollow of Albany for that holiday period!

My sister's inviting some friends, I'm inviting some friends... it should be great fun!!

All we have to do is find a house big enough to house us all!

Hopefully the thought of holidaying in Albany during the summer will keep my bones warm during what will no doubt be the bitter cold months of winter.

I also hope that what my folks have been saying about the bountiful array of single women down there is true.

One way to find out I guess!


Perth Cabs

I saw the Amazing Race on Thursday where it featured more of my beautiful city Perth.

For those that saw the episode you were probably wondering why the contestants found it so difficult to catch a cab in Perth.

Oh it's nothing much, we just have a serial killer on the loose down here.


Yep, it happened about 10 years ago now.

Out in the quiet suburb of Claremont on Bay View Terrace at the local pub late one Saturday night one young blonde woman went missing. Several months later another young blonde woman went missing, and then about 5-6 months another young blonde woman went missing - although when photos of this last missing woman were shown everyone thought it was a separate incident as the photos showed a brunette, not a blonde, but her parents told police that she had recently dyed her hair blonde.

3 young blonde women missing.

As the years passed two bodies were found out in the deep scrub up north, the first woman's body (I think) has been the only body that hasn't been recovered.

The police were unable to conclusively find out who the killer was, and were only able to create a time line of events that saw each lady's foot steps end when they got into a cab. Since then police "believed" a cab driver was responsible for the murders and have targetted one such cab driver who went on air to plead his innocence.

So, since then police have kept a very close eye on a small handful of suspects, and since they've done so the serial killer hasn't struck (he/she/they may have high tailed it out of the city/state/country by now anyway).

I'm surprised that with all the technology and high tech gadgetry (and even using psychics with murder investigations which seems popular nowadays) that the cops haven't been able to find the killer.

And to also think that I began fellowshipping at a new church only a stone's throw away from the Bay View Terrace at Claremont Baptist Church after the third kidnapping!

What was I thinking??

So now you know why it's so difficult to catch a cab in Perth. You need to phone, book, check to make sure you've got the right cab and then go.

Where's My Frickin TV??

Believe it or not but my plasma TV still hasn't arrived yet.

Yep, it's now been OVER A MONTH!

What's happened?

Well, first I was given the ol' "Should be there by next week" cut and paste response when I purchased the TV, which gave them a week up their sleeves. By the time week #2 rolled around I gave them a call and asked what was the go, they confirmed that it would be a "Tuesday or Wednesday next week"... giving them another week.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday pass on week #3, and Friday I call the bloke up and find out what had happened with our supposed "Tuesday or Wednesday" delivery. He was astonished that I hadn't had my TV... and so was I!

He said he'd look into the matter, and on that day told me that for some odd reason my TV was delivered to South Australia!? They would look into getting it back and get back to me again next week.

Week #4 (last week) he calls and tells me the staff at their South Australia store sold the TV and there were no longer any more of the plasma's I bought left.


I suppose if I had not been given an LG plasma TV in the mean time by these guys I probably would have hit the roof by now.

Anyway, apparently Panasonic no longer produce the plasma I bought it has been superceded by a new slicker model with all the latest whizz bang blah blah blah attached.

When this beast arrives is anyone's guess, but I'm taking bets if anyone feels so inclined.

In fact, by the time they're ready to give me this latest model it'll be superceded by another more fancier one! Ah, you gotta love the technology age.

Blue Fingers

Well, one's thing for sure: the days are sure getting colder.

On my early Saturday morning bike rides with the guys from church it was a chilly 5 degrees last Saturday - now this doesn't sound like much, especially those who live in snowy climates, but when you're cycling with only shorts and a jumper on everything shrivels up.

And yes I mean everything!

And oddly enough the body part in the most pain on these early morning cold bike rides is never my ass or my legs - it's my fingers!!!

I wondered why when arrived at the church on Saturday everyone wore gloves on. After riding around to get warm I soon figured out why and was tempted to go back home and use an old pair of dishwashing gloves to alleviate what was going to be a very painful ride.

But... being the crazy bloke I am I bit my lower lip (mainly to restore sense and feeling to it) and rode on.

In fact, I thought that if I could ride fast at the start my body would circulate the much needed warm blood from my legs to my fingers.

Silly man.

Going faster only turned my blue cold fingers into snap frozen fish fingers!

Next time I'm wearing gloves.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

On Saturday I went with a friend to see this movie. Before I begin I would like to preface this by saying that I am a Christian (not Roman Catholic), and, I haven't read the book.

Ok, first, I did enjoy the movie for its entertainment value. I thought Tom Hanks did a good job of being Robert Langdon, but I suppose if you've read the book you've already got a mental picture of what your Robert Langdon will look like and Tom Hanks probably wasn't it.

If you liked National Treasure with Nicholas Cage you'll more than likely enjoy this movie too.

Now, even though this movie is touted as being fiction I have heard many people "lose their faith" or question the "very foundation of Christianity"... all over a fiction book!?

To be honest, I think those that have "lost their faith" were just looking for any excuse to pull out and this just happened to be the one to use as the best excuse.

As for Jesus running off with Mary Magdalene I've actually heard that story many many years ago when I was sharing my faith with a friend. No sooner had I began talking about the Bible did my friend stop me and tell me that his wife had a PhD in Theology.

Wow, I thought, I never would've thought you were Christians.

He then brought her in and she proceeded to give me the *real* story about what happened to Jesus and how he eloped with Mary Magdalene to France had a child and lived out a normal life, albeit a secret one.


So, as you can see, the Da Vinci Code's plot about Jesus was nothing new to me, nor should it be anything new to those who read their bible. You only need turn a few pages into the book to notice that since the beginning of time Satan has tried to cast doubt into the minds of man to turn him away from the truth (read Genesis 3:1 "Yea, hath God said...").

One also only need read the amount of eyewitness accounts in the bible to see that this wasn't some contrived fantasy by a group of men to conspire against the world...

Luke, who wrote the book named after him and the book of Acts for his friend Theophilus, was instructed to give an account of everything that had happened (just read the first couple of verses of Luke 1:1-2). Luke was a physician (Colossians 4:14) and was extremely detailed in his historical account, so much so that Sir William Ramsay, a skeptical archaeologist, set out to disprove the bible by starting at Luke's gospel. He reasoned that if he could find an error in the bible he would easily be able to find it in Luke. What happened? Here's what he had to say after years of research...
"I regard Luke as the greatest historian who has ever lived, save only Thucydides."

In fact you'll find that most liberal and conservative scholars agree that Luke's account is of the highest accuracy. So why is it that everything about Luke's account is deemed accurate yet when it comes to Christ's crucifixion (Luke 23:26-49), burial (Luke 23:50-55), resurrection (Luke 24:1-12 & Acts 1:3-8), and ascension (Acts 1:9-11) everyone doubts and believes some fictional story!?

2 Timothy 4:4 speaks volumes.

Other eyewitness testimonies in the bible can be found here if you want to check them out...
- 2 Peter 1:16
- 1 Corinthians 15:3-8
- Acts 26:22-29

The reason why I detail these eyewitness accounts is to impress upon you that some of them (especially the 12 disciples) died horrific deaths. It makes you then wonder: if this was some conspiracy for what purpose did it fulfil them? Fame? Well I don't think you can cash your fame chips in when you're dead.

These guys were first hand eyewitnesses, not second or third hand eyewitnesses of those who wrote the gnostic gospels centuries AFTER everyone was gone (quoted in the movie as the gospel of Phillip, gospel of Mary etc etc), therefore if this whole Jesus thing was a lie these guys all knew it!

How many times have you heard of 12 blokes willing to die for a lie KNOWING it was a lie? I think you'll be hard pressed to find maybe one or two, and to think that all they had to do to stop their torture was deny Christ. I wonder how much pain you could endure before you decided to give up the lying game and return back to normalcy.

Anyway, I've got to go, as you can tell I could talk about this topic for ages. If you have any questions feel free to either add a comment, or email me, I'd be more than happy to answer, but please note: I'm not God.

I don't know everything, and I don't claim to... I just look at the facts and weigh the evidence.

1 Timothy 2:3-4

PS - on the "I'm not God" point if you think about it, anyone who claims God doesn't exist must be God themselves, right? I mean, if you know God doesn't exist that means you must know everything, because God might be in the areas you haven't looked. It makes you wonder at how true Psalm 53:1 is when it states, "A fool has said in his heart, There is no God."

Don't be a fool, question everything (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Amazing Race

Last night I saw the latest episode of the Amazing Race. I was surprised to see that the whole episode was from my home town of Fremantle!

I couldn't believe it!

I had to laugh at myself when there were moments when certain couples would get lost, like the elderly couple looking for Fremantle Prison...

"Dude, it's right behind you!" I screamed.

All to no avail.

And then the Hippy boys chose to take the ferry to Hillary's (near to where I am now) and taxi it back down to Freo.

"Dudes, that'll take you ages!" I yelled.

And then we had the detour challenge where the contestants had to choose between diving for lobsters or dragging tree branches over the beach.

Phil narrated that the tree dragging activity was common to us West Australian folk who do it to stop beach erosion.


Common to us all?

Heck, everyone in here knows I go to the beach nearly every friggin tomorrow (during Summer) and I haven't seen anyone hurl trees along the beach to stop the beach erosion.

Ah television.

Well at least this episode proved to be more interactive during my busy schedule lately.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Shopping

As everyone here knows, if it wasn't for the last minute nothing would ever get done, right?

Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day, and as I had the unenviable task of trying to find the perfect gift yet again today you can probably understand why a simple bloke such as myself has to do such last minute gift buying.

But I had some events that I thought I'd share (I never knew shopping could be so much fun - although getting a parking today was a BIG hassle!)...

First there was the shoe store. My mate Chris was looking for a new pair of shoes (nothing like shopping for oneself when buying for another, right?) and we dotted in and out of several shoe stores trying to find the type of shoe he was looking for.

While all the shoe shops that we entered contained both male and female style shoes there was this one shoe shop that had all men's shoes on the right-side of the store - which was weird as all other stores had men's shoes on the left-hand side of the store (as you entered) - don't even ask why I even knew this fact (see what shopping does to a bloke: makes him go all troppo).

Upon entering this store a cute female shop attendant came asking if we needed any assistance with anything...

Chris: No thanks, just looking.
Her (to me): And you, sir?
Me: No, but I'm glad you've got the men's shoes on the right-side of the shop.
Her (puzzled experession): Umm... yeah?!
Me: Yeah, because you know... guys are always right.

I smirked and was glad she saw the humour and laughed (nice smile), and with that Chris didn't find his shoe so we abruptly left.

(He also thought I was some male chauvinist pig!?! So much for a sense of humour?)

Our second fun round happened as we exited a store that has those detector thingies if you walk through with unpaid for goods. As Chris and I made our way to the exit a pair of chics in front of us exited and had the alarm beep.

We stopped... we had to as our bags hadn't been checked.

The old lady at the detector walked over to the two chics who had walked through and made them walk back inside the store where the detector beeped yet again. The old lady asked them to pass each of their bags to her one at a time to check to see what bag was beeping.

During this lengthy 10 second process I yelled out,

"Strip search her!"

Both chics turned around and laughed at the request.

"I'll help out considering there's two of them," I added trying to get the old lady's attention - to no avail.

They returned back to their task and eventually found the offending piece - some car key chain metallic thing.


I was looking forward to helping an old lady in distress too.

Oh well, through all the pain and fun I was able to find the perfect gift yet again this year - which means I'm probably still in the will for another year.

I hope all of those celebrating mother's day tomorrow have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MySpace Weirdos

Before I begin I'll start by saying that it ain't all *that* bad - there do seem to be some normal people amongst them (just hard to find).

One such weirdo that crossed my mail box was a woman who sent an email requesting help.

Seems she's in a bit of pickle.

Here's her story in summary form...

1. Her parents died in a car accident 4 years ago.
2. Her brother is a drug addict.
3. She's willing to travel to any location to be with "Mr. Right".
4. She did #3 by travelling to Africa and meeting such a guy (not specific at an exact country in that continent).
5. Upon arriving and sleeping with the guy he stole all her belongings (purse/jewelry/passport... etc) - now she has nothing.
6. She needs someone to pay her hotel bill.


Heck, I thought I was the king of unique introductions... seems I've finally met my match!

"Don't you have other family, work colleagues, old school friends that can help???"

Obviously not.


I suppose having no friends in her network should have thrown some alarm bells.

Monday, May 08, 2006


This weekend saw my brother tick over into his 26th year.

Who'd have thought.

Unfortunately though he celebrated his birthday at, what I thought, was the worst restaurant in Freo. In fact, I had been there many many years ago and had the worst meal ever.

I vowed never to return again.

That vow was broken when, over a round of golf during the day, my brother informed me that,

"It had changed."

Taking my brother's word I dragged Chris and Jon-Jon along (they were invited).

The first thing I rembered about this restaurant when I walked in was just how dark it really was - which scared me really, purely because you could hardly see. You didn't know who you were talking to unless you recognised their voice, nor what you were eating!

As the night wore on and I glanced at the menu and couldn't for the life of me find anything appealing... I settled for an organic lemon lime bitters (whatever that meant?).

But I wasn't the only one that struggled - Chris couldn't get over how expensive the meals were, and when entrees came round Jon-Jon brought back up whatever it was he was trying to digest (no I'm not kidding)!

It seriously was bad.

It was hippy food... and even then that's giving hippy food a better rep than whatever it was this food happened to be.

When the waiter came over to take our mains selection I had to pass,

"Sorry mate, nothing for me."

Chris, Paul and Jon-Jon did likewise, but now we faced a dilemma: stay and watch everyone else eat (and possibly throw up all over the place), or high tail it out of there and get some REAL food.

Being a bloke I did the selfish act and told my little brother that I needed to eat elsewhere.

He wasn't happy.

Which was understandable, but three other blokes weren't happy either.

Within a matter of minutes one table of four vanished into the night. It was bad, I know, but I was starving and nothing that place served up would've ever filled the void.

The rest of the night went quite well. We all went to a popular Italian joint in the heart of Freo, and chatted over a few flat white's till late.

When Sunday morning arrived my sister tore a few strips off me about our selfish disappearing act.

I felt bad, but I had to ask...

"How was your meal?"

With a scruntched nose she replied,

"It was ok. Very expensive though."

Shortly after I received a phone call from my brother's fiancee asking whether I was alright, apparently my brother didn't take our leaving too well. I told her I'd give him a call an apologise.

Which I did straight away.

And... he was fine. He knew the place wasn't suited for us blokes and he made a mental note about what NOT to do next year.

I knew he'd be cool about it... heck, if he wasn't, I'd have to go over and beat him up (that's just the thing brothers do). But I'm glad he didn't take it as drammatically as my sister and his fiancee made it out to be.


In closing though, it wasn't until I got off the phone that it suddenly dawned on me that my brother would never have organised a party at a place like that. Previous dinner parties he'd had have generally been at steakhouse type places, and this place was definitely no steakhouse.

The only person who would've ever enjoyed a place like that would've been none other than his fiancee.


As a warning then, dear readers, if you are ever given a fine dining experience in Freo at Sandcastles, unless you're into eating real weird %$@#, politely decline.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

This Pic Cracked Me Up All Day

Sniffing for crack was something that came naturally to Fluffy.

Your Space And MySpace

Recently I've noticed some talk amongst sites I frequent about this phenomenon called MySpace on the net.

Not being one to be out done I decided to check out the place and created a free account to see what all the fuss is about.

My initial impressions were that this place seems suited for kids going through puberty. Here's a general list of what I've discovered about the place:

1. You can network with people who become listed as your "friends".
2. You can select music from sites and add them to your home page.
3. You can blog away as you do here.
4. You can post photos.
5. You can create a profile.
6. You can search for available partners/friends/groups (I've already been invited to participate in an AC/DC group!?!??! What the...?).
7. You can advertise in their classified section.
8. You can even see people from the schools you attended - provided they've registered (freaky!).

And the list goes on and on.

In essence MySpace tries to cover the whole gamut of everything you'd ever want in a personal web space.

The advertising on every page is a little annoying, but I suppose as everything is free it probably pays it way.

Anyway, if you're bored and want to find out more you can start by heading over to my space here (it's a work in progress when I'm bored).

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Alcoholics Anonymous

The house warming party on Sunday afternoon went well.

It was a beautifully warm day, with all the blokes being entertained by the footy on the big screen TV (yes it finally did arrive) and the females chatting away as my sister entertained them with photo's of her European and Gold Coast trips.

However, I'm a little concerned about our friends.


It seems my sister and I have a reputation for being alcoholics or something, because all we got was wine glass after wine glass as gifts!


So what gives?

Either my sister lives a double life and which really does redefine the Anonymous part of AA, or, everyone feels as though we're going to need to take up drinking as the days pass!