Friday, April 28, 2006

You'd Think Buying A TV Would Be A Simple Thing

The last couple of days have been filled with drama, suspense and comedy (well just what day isn't filled with some laughs in my life! LOL).

You'd think I would've been to see a few flicks at the cinema, but all this happened whilst TRYING to purchase a TV!

Here's how it all went down...

On Wednesday my mate Jon-Jon and I found the place where a mate of Jon-Jon's was able to give us a good deal on purchasing a new TV. Unfortunately he wasn't in on the Wednesday, so we postponed purchasing anything until we spoke to him... being yesterday (Thursday).

After talking for a few minutes I pointed to the plasma TV I wanted and was given a pretty good discount.

"Sounds good," I said after being given a quote, "I'd like to purchase that unit."

"Unfortunately we don't have any in store at the moment," said the store guy, "but we'll have them in by next week."

"That's..." okay I was about to say, but Jon-Jon piped up and said that it wasn't good enough.

"They're having a house warming party on the weekend," Jon-Jon added.

Oh crap! That's right!

The guy looked at us both saw the urgency in Jon-Jon's eyes and went to check whether any other stores had any unit in stock. When he returned he found that only one store had 1 unit left.


"They'll transfer the unit to you this afternoon and you'll be up and running for the weekend."


All I had to do was hand over the mulla.

"Alright, we'll I'll scoot to the bank and be right back," I said.

No real dramas so far, right?

Well... when I rocked up to my nearest bank branch the fun began.

As soon as I entered I noticed something a little strange... there were hardly any customers. As I approached the nearest teller, I asked to withdraw some cash from my account.

She looked at the cheque and said,

"I'm sorry sir, but all you can withdraw at the moment is $500."


"Our computer system is down and we can only do limited withdrawals."

"Is it just this bank?"

"No, it's nation-wide."

"When is it likely to be back up," I asked.

"Should be about half an hour."

Famous last words.

So, within half an hour and trying my very level best to remain calm I called the bank to see if their system was up and running.

"Try again in another half hour," replied the bloke on the other end of the phone.


I had this great deal, everything was going hunky-dory and now this.

For the next 5 hours I tried every half hour and was met by the same response. I talked to a few of the bank tellers on the line just to try and understand what was going on, I mean, you'd think a billion dollar bank that makes a billion-odd dollars in profit a year would have back-ups on their back-ups.

"There all down too," said another bloke.

I couldn't believe it.

I called the store guy to let him know of the situation, and I noticed a hint of skepticim in his voice.

"The second largest bank in Australia is down?" he asked.

"I know, sounds weird, huh?" was all I could muster.

"Can you scratch together a deposit and come back to the store before it closes?"


After maxing out my daily withdrawal limit from the ATM machine I placed the deposit down and told him I'd be back tomorrow... if the bank wasn't still down.

Fast forward to today and luckily the bank was back to normal (I brought my balaclava just in case! LOLOL).

Then when I rocked up to the store a problem emerged...

"The other store owner thought I asked for a 50 inch plasma, not a 42 inch."

What's a few inches among friends, right?

"We're not going to be able to get your plasma by the weekend, but I'll see if I can give you one for the weekend."

"Oh don't worry about it," I said, "it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I'll just check with my sister in case she had some plans for the plasma over the weekend."

Luckily I checked.

When I called my sister demanded that we get something for the party this weekend, our current set up wasn't good enough to show everyone her photos of the trip she took to Europe at the start of this year.

Well I dunno, our current audio visual structure's pretty good don't you think? I reckon it'd make all the chics wild...

After hanging up I quickly told the store guy I'd definitely need to take him up on the plasma deal.

He scurried off and came back moments later,

"You can borrow an LG 42" plasma for the weekend, but have you got something to put it on?"

Ummm... would an ironing board be good enough?

Obviously not as he scurried away to check with boss if borrowing a stand would be approved. He returned moments later,

"You can borrow a cabinet too."


So, dear friends, I now await the delivery of my adopted baby.

Here's hoping there's no more dramas - otherwise I might have to start up my own soapie!

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Jennifer said...

I like the ironing board! Very classy look. Definitely put the plasma on it.