Sunday, April 16, 2006

"You Deserve Far Better Than Me"

As my sister also attended last night's dinner we had a good discussion in the car on the long drive back home about dating.

There were several things that my sister confirmed that I thought I'd share with some of the blokes on here.

Probably the most insightful revelation was the fact that women hate it when guys say things like:

"I don't know why you're going out with a guy like me."
"You deserve far better than me."

And other similar wimpy behaviour like this.

Why does it irritate women?

Because it makes YOU seem inadequate. Your woman will now begin searching for those qualities that confirm you are indeed an inadequate man for her.

Not good fellas.

Take what Will Smith said when an interviewer asked about what his wife thought about women who throw themselves at him, he smiled and quoted what his wife told him when he no doubt asked the same thing to her by replying,
"Women don't want a man that other women don't want."

(Which, if you think about it can tell you a lot about why women are very strong with one particular emotion than men - more on that later)

And yes I've been there and done that. I've told women that I'm not worthy (etc etc) and it seemed that no sooner had I mentioned such things that the relationship took a U-turn and the attraction dissipated.

But thankfully I've learned from my mistakes and no more Mr. Wimpy (as opposed to his sidekick Mr. Whippy... LOLOL)!

So if you're dating a woman, fellas, and you think she's "the one" don't blow it by bowing down and worshipping her and saying such stupid things. Surely the fact that a woman is spending time with you is enough to convince you of the fact that you ARE indeed worthy to be in her presence.

In fact, what you should probably do is reverse it by teasing her and saying how lucky she is to be with a guy like YOU!

She'll start thinking in the exact opposite way to how she was with the wimpy man, by looking for those qualities in you that are attractive to her.

Think about it.

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