Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's In A Smile?

Yesterday I was caught watching Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Now I seriously don't care much for the plot, heck, I don't even know what's going on half the time, but there is one thing I keep my eyes on... and yes, that'd be Jen.

Seeing the show on TV my sister rolled her eyes and said,

"Tell me your not watching this show because of her."

"I am, actually," I replied.

"Let me guess: you're attracted to her long hair, right?"

"No, although it is nice."

"It's her figure then?"

"No, but again... it's nice."

"Well what is it then?"

"Her smile."

My sister rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Oh no, not that lame ass answer again."

"Woman, I'm serious. I'm an expert in this field."

"How possibly could Jennifer's smile be any different to any other woman's??"

I've personally seen and made many many women smile throughout my lifetime, and when you've seen so many smiling faces you "see" a lot about that person (especially at what they laugh at too).

Now there are several women in my life where a smile quite literally lights up their whole face - you can tell their happy because even their very eyes are smiling!

Some examples of such women that I've seen include:
  • Kate Beckinsale

  • Livinia Nixon

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

If you study these women you'll see that when they smile their whole face lights up (watch the eyes especially). Whereas if you look at women such as Toni Pearen (from Australia's Funniest Home Videos) you'll see that when she smiles or laughs it's strained and forced.

I could give more examples, but I'll wind this up.

So yes, some blokes know a lot about breasts, legs, and... did I say breasts? But a bloke such as myself knows a lot about a woman just from a smile.

So what's in a smile?

Well if a woman wants to get my attention...

A lot.

Keep smiling.


Mia said...


Jennifer said...

Actually, I never wanted to reveal this before, but I *am* Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Trying to lay low to avoid the paparazzi, of course.

Ryan said...


Thanks Mia!

FJ said...

You're right, Ryan.

Smiles say what words can't.

Isn't body language a wonderful thing?