Tuesday, April 04, 2006

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I've said it many times in this blog, and I'll more than likely say it a few more times, but I'm a firm believer that women are attracted to men... real men.

While this is nothing new under the sun I do believe that certain "men" fail to grasp this concept.

One such character, who will remain nameless, had to take his woman's shoes back because she THOUGHT (yes you read correctly - THOUGHT, she didn't actually know, just "thought") that the shoes he bought her for her birthday were too small.

Did she ACTUALLY try them on?


Did he ask her to try them on?


So she thought the shoes were too small without even trying them on?

Yes, that's correct.

(And you thought *I* was weird?)

So what happened?

Well dear friends, would you believe that this poor fellow had to drive all the way to the shoe shop and change his beloved's shoes - just a leisurely hour's drive away (and no this place wasn't on the way to something we were travelling to).

Upon arriving at the pink shoe shop I quickly discovered that this was a no-go-Y-chromosome area and I told my mate I'd wait for him outside. As I waited outside I didn't know what was more foolish: standing outside a pink shoe shop or standing inside!?

So I casually walked next door to a furniture place advertising some lousy sale on their dining suites.

In the meantime a mass panic ensued inside the girls-only pink shoe shop. Apparently they didn't have the next size up for the shoe that my friend's woman wanted.

Heaven forbid the world keep rotating, huh?

So what happened?

Thankfully the shoe shop had a similar styled though different coloured shoe in the next size up and this appeased the goddess when she returned contact to the shop's mere mortals.

I couldn't believe it.

I was shaking my head in the car in disbelief and couldn't help but laugh.

My Y-chromosome wanted to slap someone silly.

"What?? Are you telling me you wouldn't have done the same thing for your beloved?" he asked, hoping to trip me up on some insane misogynistic belief.

"Mate, I'd never even contemplate buying my woman shoes in the first place. I'd make sure she's capable of dressing herself!"

And to think she never even tried them on??

I was still having difficulties digesting *that* piece of info.

I don't know what it is with blokes sometimes it's like we idolise women and believe they can say and do no wrong.

Here's an epiphany that I came across several years ago: women aren't perfect.

I've heard it so often said that it takes a grown man to say he's sorry, but how often have you heard a woman apologise when she is in the wrong?

It's as if women have this belief that if they apologise her status is now a little lesser than the animals!?

But it takes a grown man to apologise.

I think it takes a bloody miracle for a woman to apologise!

In fact there were times when I picked up on a mistake my woman made and all I received was a hug and a smile as an "apology", but heaven forbid if I made the same mistake - it would have been more comfortable if I had been castrated twice on the same day than having go through her antics of making a mistake!

So, I quickly realised that I wasn't going to have a bar of it no more. If a woman's wrong she's wrong. If she can't swallow her pride and does something stupid by saying she's going to leave then don't trip on the way out.

Whatever happened to real men?


As you can tell I'm a little angry, and I'm not even the one being walked over!!

I just hate it when men have no balls.

Outta here.

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