Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Saturday Night Setup

I must be getting in touch with my feminine side because last night I was right!

(Right about what? Read about it here)

Yep, last night at Sandrino's in Freo I was in the presence of not just one single woman, not two single women, not even three single women, but FOUR eligible spinsters!

I suppose my brother's fiancee thought that the harem she had arranged for me would help me find that suitable partner, but unfortunately it was no, no, no, no all round.

Here's how the four lined up:

Single woman #1 was Carlie's best friend (you know the one that hardly laughs?). She was single AGAIN. Last time I met her was at my brother's engagement party (a couple of months ago) where she was hanging off a bloke, it seemed *that* relationship didn't last long.

(I think the first time I met this woman, about a year ago, she was actually married!?)

Single woman #2 I knew from a previous church that I attended during my teenage years. I can remember during that time, at that church, being attracted to one girl named Melita, but I'm thankful it never eventuated into anything as, now, I fail to see what the hell I was thinking/feeling!

Single woman #3 was from my old high school and I recognised her - but there's only ONE woman who I would've dated from my high school years.

(Yes my high school really was that bad - the only thing that kept me sane in my final year were the bus rides TO and FROM school where I entertained Kristy by making her laugh and show off her pearly whites!)

Single woman #4 I had met at a bible study some weeks before and found she didn't smile or laugh. In a way she was the blonde version of woman #1 (woman #1 is brunette).

So as you can no doubt imagine I was thrilled at the selection.

In fact when my brother and his fiancee arrived she came over to me and told me that these women all came here FOR ME!

I know she was more than likely playing, but man it got me angry.

I'm thankful my loving sister had a few words with her in the ladies room before we left that night.

Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still single and I don't need any help.

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