Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Mystery Woman On My Phone

"Whoa? Who's that?"

Asked Chris after glancing at my mobile phone's wallpaper as he set about editing my contact list.

"Who?" I asked not knowing what he was talking about.

"The chic on your phone," he answered pointing to my phone's wallpaper.

I glanced over at my mobile phone and squinted at its display - I knew what was on it, but I was hoping to buy some time for generating answers on the eventual questions that were about to come.

See, several month's ago Kate Beckinsale's face glistened on my cell's display, but as I couldn't find any good pictures of her smiling I stumbled across this photo of a chic that had a gorgeous smile - so I replaced Kate.

(I can't believe I said "replaced" and "Kate" in the SAME sentence!! Eeek!)

"I don't know her name," I replied.


Chris thought I was playing.

"Come on man, what's her name?"

"I'm serious dude, I don't know her name."

I wasn't lying.

"Well where did you get her picture from?" he continued.

"Off the net."

I was still trying to buy some time.

"Well gee, that's just narrowed it down to about a bazillion web sites."

"It was on some dating web site," I blurted out knowing all too well that this was going to bring up a whole slue of insults.


I continued on hoping to douse the flames...

"I was doing some personality test online and I ended up searching around in the U.S. on single women and I saw this chic and was mesmerised by her smile."

I said it matter-of-factly hoping that my unemotional response was enough to douse the brewing insults.

He digested this new information for a little and then asked,

"Do you mind if you send her to my phone?"


So I've changed my placid phone from a simple contacting service into a highly contested and competitive ground for the chic with the best smile. If any potential dates want to be on my phone they're going to have to beat the titleholder.

Here's the current titleholder:

Isn't she hot?


Oh ok, the REAL chic is...

Cammy was a close second.


Jennifer said...

She is gorgeous, but I have to be honest -- I think it's a little weird to have a picture of somebody you don't know! She might be a little freaked out too. :)

Ryan said...

Yea you're probably right Jen.

For all we know she could be an ax-murderer!