Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last Minute Packing

The exodus from Winthrop to Wanneroo starts tomorrow.

The removalists have me a little worried calling today to tell me about their company's problems.

I had to continually convince the guy that my move was going to be a piece of cake - not taking any more than an hour and a half tops (and I'm allowing an hour to drive there!!).

Well, hey I'm a strong bloke, and if he brings a partner that's three strong blokes so we'll have nothing to worry about.

I can't wait till I move into the new house.

My sister informs me that a work colleague may be staying over as she has just hit some complications with moving from her house to another.

Details are sketchy, but I told my sister that if she can cook she can stay, if she can't... well, best we're going to do for her is to sleep out in the garage!


I guess I'll find out more tomorrow.

Before I go one thing I forgot to check with this new place was whether or not they have internet access.

Hold on... let me rephrase that:

One thing I forgot to check with this new place was whether or not they have BROADBAND internet access.

I can't live without broadband... and I seriously don't want to surf the net on dial-up speeds.


I've just had a flash-back.

On my inspection of the property I can remember nearly tripping over this cord that was connected from the kitchen to the study/third bedroom. I looked down at it and thought,

"Who in the heck puts wires along the ground?"

I think I know what that wire was, and it's giving me bad thoughts...

That was a telephone extension wire from the phone in the kitchen to the study/third bedroom.

Oh crap.

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Jennifer said...

Hey, moving buddy! Hope your move goes most excellently. I move on Saturday.

Here's to us both having great new places to live.