Sunday, April 16, 2006

Get On Your Bike

Yesterday I dusted off the ol' bicycle and went for a big biking bog lap.

I decided that I would ride up Lake Joondalup's western side (which has the full track) "chuck a lefty" at the top of the lake until I hit the beach. Once at the beach "chuck another lefty" by heading south until I hit Ocean Reef and then "chuck another lefty" back home.

And believe me it was waaay easier said than done.

(Especially since I haven't ridden for about a year!)

Anyway, the ride went well and the first beach I hit was Burns Beach...

The only "beachable" place to Burns Beach was it's northern part (which looks like a good jogging beach too!), seen here...

Everything else was rock and reef. As seen in the following pic after riding a little ways south...

And the houses have nice views...

Well at least I know which beaches are going to be the best for next summer:
> North of Burns Beach, or
> South of Ocean Reef.

(Anything in between is rock and reef, although good for riding a bike over!)

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