Wednesday, April 12, 2006

From A 45.2kbps Connection

Did I ever tell anyone how much I love broadband?

I can't believe I remained SANE during my earlier internet years at 28.8kbps!!

Yep, at the moment I'm connected from home, but on a lousy dial-up connection.

*heavy sigh*

I contacted my internet service provider today and told them about my change of address and after spending about 30 minutes trying my very level best to understand (and remain calm) to the deeply Indian accented lady on the other end of the phone from my internet service provider's support desk I was told that it would take 5-10 business days.

5 to 10 business days!

Let's see.

Tomorrow is really only a half day. Friday and Monday are days off, therefore next Tuesday is 1 working day, Wednesday 2 working days, Thursday 3, Friday 4, Monday 5, Tuesday is ANZAC day (public holiday), Wednesday 6, Thursday 7, Friday 8, Monday 9, Tuesday 10 - being April 30th!

That's like 18 ACTUAL days without the internet!


And... she informed... it will cost me $100 for this privlege.

After picking myself up off the floor I strained a "Thank you" and hung up.

I then went back to my folk's place, borrowed their broadband internet connection and set about opening a new account with another provider.

After a couple of hours of research I found an extremely good one, and they even threw in a free backup dial-up account!

Now that's customer service.

And they also said that I should be on the information super highway with my super fast broadband connection within 5 business days tops!

Better than 10 from my old provider!

Anyway, the dinosaur dial-up days are back for now, but hopefully not before I lose my sanity.


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. Once you go broadband you don't go back.

FJ said...

I second that. LOL

Welcome back to blogland though, Ryan, and I'm glad the move went well.