Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finally A Familiar Face

Since moving north I've been attending a few churches in the area hoping to find one that fits, but I've also been hopeful in finding some familiar faces.

Unfortunately over the last few weeks I've had no such luck.

It seems all the people I once knew from my younger years playing ball, attending combined church camps and conferences (etc) hasn't seen even ONE familiar face.

Which has struck me as being quite strange - has everyone moved everywhere but up here??

But today I was able to catch up with one such familiar face.

Attending a nearby church I finally caught up with an old friend that I had met from a church camp a couple of years ago.

And boy have things changed since we last met.

Daniel ended up proposing to his woman of 5 years last year and they're getting married this August!


(Is it just me or is it true for other 25+ year olds that everyone around you seems to be getting married?? I guess when I hit the mid-30s it'll be "is it just me or is everyone having kids??")

Anyhoo, he invited me to come to the evening service where I'll catch up with his fiancee Mel (who I also know) and we'll be having dinner at some pasta place after the service.

I'm going to try and pick their brains on where to find a good Japanese restaurant...

I'm dying for some miso soup!!

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