Sunday, April 23, 2006

Destiny Is Calling

I dropped my sister off at the airport late last night on a short trip with her best friend to the Gold Coast.

Being a teacher she gets all those great school holidays PLUS gets paid to be on those long holidays!!

(I'm strongly considering taking up teaching)

Why the Gold Coast? You may be asking.

Well, the version she is telling everyone is that it's just for "a holiday", but there's more to this than what meets the eye.

See, several months ago a good friend of my sister's got married (what was I saying about everyone getting married in my last post??) and at that wedding my sister met a bloke who was family to the bride. After much laughter and talk my sister befriended this bloke and wanted to find out more.

(And yes I deliberately included laughter because this guy apparently makes her laugh... what have I been telling you folks?)

As the friendship continued my sister soon found out that this guy was born in Perth, was raised and is currently living in Brisbane, but is now seeking to come back to Perth to live.

(I know, that last bit sounds kinda corny doesn't it? Anything to keep a woman "interested")

Anyway, he flew back to Brizzie a week or so after the wedding and has been keeping in touch with my sister every once in a while since then.

Fast forward to last night and my sister was off on a plane with her friend to the Gold Coast.

As I helped her with her luggage I hugged her goodbye and left saying,

"If you get hitched I'm changing the locks."

Hope she has a good time!


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FJ said...

Awww, thats sweet.

I hope she has a good time!